Saturday 1 March 2014

Madrid 5: Iron work and Stone carving

One of the beautiful things of Madrid is the amazing details on old buildings, mostly the iron work and stone carving. Here some pictures of them to give you an idea.

You have to look up to discover even more beauties, you can find all kind of statues on top of buildings.

The bear with a berry tree is Madrid's symbol, apparently there used to be bears around, several hundreds of years ago, but of course now that Madrid is the 3rd largest city of the European Union you won't come across any, accept for this statue.

Beside the large impressive government buildings, the iron work of old houses is gorgeous too, especially the little glassed balconies.

As a fan of Mythical creatures I loved these Sphinx ladies in the entry of a Museum, currently closed for renovations.

I also loved the old street lanterns.

Statue of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

I would feel like a princess living in this amazing building!

And as pictures of Paris often show metro sign pictures, I wanted to post one from Madrid :)


  1. Wow, looks just amazing! What a shame beautiful architecture is a rarity here where I live. Thanks for sharing!

  2. awesome pictures! loooove the buildings :)