Thursday 29 March 2018

Patchwork Challenge

I wanted to make a patchwork bag in which the bottom and the gusset would continue seamlessly in the body of the bag.

I hadn't used that construction before so it was a bit of a puzzle. I ironed the patches in a diagonal on interface, starting with the gusset/bottom part and filling the front and back afterwards.

It wasn't the most straightforward way possible, but I only could figure it out by doing it so.

After the bag was assembled this way I cut it open to be able to sew the patches together in a flat surface.

And then you can see how easy it really is if you know how ! Well, next time it will be easier :)

I love how slick the seamless construction looks!

The bag is available at StarBags, among other patchwork bags :)

Tuesday 27 March 2018

Newly Listed: Embroidered Kilim Pouf Cushion

Embroidered Kilim Pouf Cushion, Floor Pillow, Vintage Embroidery Pouf Bohemian Home by StarHomeStudio
Large Abstract Floral -Peach, aqua, rose - Abstract painting -print of original by AmberAlexander
Pink water lily flower photograph or canvas print by TamarasCameras
Wildflower, Vintage, Floral, Wall Art, Home Decor, Photography, Nature Print, Canvas Print Option by LeAnnStamper

Friday 23 March 2018

Our Creative Space...

While it is dark and grey outside, I'm working on a bridal bouquet with beach vibes :)

Monday 19 March 2018

Newly Listed: Escher Inspired Bag

Escher Inspired Bag, Hand Crocheted Ton sur Ton Bag in Cream, Brown, Gray and Green tones by StarBags
Owl Winter Snow, Forest, Tree Branches, Birds Wildlife, Nature, Frozen Woods Photography by EclecticForest
Seashell Photograph Beach Art, Coastal Wall Print, Beach Photography, Cottage Coastal Decor by newleafpics
Old Stone Church Photograph, Ireland, foggy medieval ancient stone building, eery ruins by FirstLightPhoto

Thursday 15 March 2018

All we Need is Love

All we need is love, even a heart shaped pouf :)
This one was never really anything special but a kid clearly didn't improve it by the time we scored it.

All the faux leather, out of shape foam and filling had to be removed.

Then it was time to choose the fabric, always fun to do.

An her she is with a pretty new dress and a whole new attitude :)

The top is a beautiful vintage embroidery, the sides a terracotta colored velvet.

Available at StarHomeStudio among other one of a kind furniture pieces.

Monday 12 March 2018

Spring Vibes

We had fantastic weather this weekend so we took advantage of it this Sunday and went to our favorite brunch place where we haven't been for ages as it was raining the past few weekends.

Weather has been so warm lately that the mountains are full with daisies, poppies and other wild flowers. Everything is freshly green and the turtles have been coming out of their winter sleep.

I also took the time to take some pictures.

Besides tourism our town and surrounding villages income is mostly honey and fish.

This couple were busy with the hives, couldn't go too close as I'm allergic to bees, but you can see the bees flying around and please notice that the guy has no gloves on :/

Here they were searching for water with kind of an antique looking machine.

And what is Sunday without the beach?

All the fruit trees in bloom.

And even the village's cemetery was floral.

Thursday 8 March 2018

Get The Look Vol.10

We have listed lots of new Vintage treasures lately so time for another Get the Look :)
I love the look of birdcages, not their purpose, they look great with plants. Also love Baskets, our bird cage is kind of both at the same time!

Love these egg succulents, perfect for Easter but also Spring in general. We have a small selection of beautiful vintage Easter decorations in the shop.

This colorful kitschy flower look is not for everyone, but you can't deny its warm and homey feeling :) Our antique mirrors would be a good start for this look!

I love house shaped boxes and shelves, for some reason they are usually used for kid's rooms, I like them in general. We have a fun House shaped basket box from the 1980's.

I have shown oars before but I just love them and no one can stop me from sharing them again ;)
We only have this pair left, a pretty set to put in a corner or hang on the wall.

Tuesday 6 March 2018

Newly Listed: Little Red Riding Hood Skirt

Little Red Riding Hood Skirt, Bad Wolf, Grandma's Cottage, Fairy tale Clothing by StarsWear
Full Moon Craters Photo, Black and white moon, Super Moon in a Dark Night Sky by CapturingLIFEByMaria
Wolf Photography, Wolf Picture, Wildlife Photography, Picture of Wolf, Black Wolf by stephaniemoon
Enchanted Forest Postcards - Fine Art Photograph - Postcard for Postcrossing by UnaPhoto

Thursday 1 March 2018

Newly Listed: Knitted Dreamy Rainbow Tote Bag

Soft Knitted Bag, Knitted Dreamy Rainbow Tote Bag made with Leather Straps, Boho Leather Bag by StarBags
Purple Lake Photography, Dock Picture, Sunset Photo, Artwork, Lake House Decor, Cottage Wall Art by PureNaturePhotos
Fine Art Photography Print, Wall Decor, Wild Plants Home Decor Photography, Purple Sage by VanBurensHomeDecor
spring rain photography  water, droplet, blue, purple, green, jewel tones  waiting to fall  fine art photo by shannonpix