Sunday 29 June 2014

Mermaid Wedding Bouquet

For the past few days I was busy with a new bridal bouquet for the shop. Usually we make these according to a bride's wish which is fun but this was fun as I could do whatever I wanted.
I went for a combination that is not me, pink and bling, but somehow the result turned out to be very pretty even for a not-girly-girl :)

On top of the sea urchin I attached rhinestone rhondelles. As sea urchins have holes from top to bottom there is always need for some kind of cover at the centers.

I used 3 large rhinestone flowers, which were brooches but I securely attached them to strong stems. Plastic branches to give a coral effect but without being fragile, pink organza flowers and lots of rhinestones.

Each element is attached to a wire wrapped stem, which are then each one by one also wrapped with pink flower ribbon.

The handle of the bouquet is made with a beautiful vintage pink fabric, silk ribbon and rhinestone starfishes.

Perfect for a mermaid with legs :)

Friday 27 June 2014

Newly Listed: Sea Urchin Post Earrings with Starfish Dangles

Sea Urchin Post Earrings with Detachable Starfish Dangles by StaroftheEast
Beach decor shell photograph wall art coastal wall decor shabby chic beach cottage by TheGinghamOwl
Boat Dock Picture Lake Decor Water Wood Wall Art Camping Lodge Nautical by LisaRussoFineArt
Beach Photography, Soft Sunlight, Ocean Wave, Summertime, Dreamy, California by BreeMadden

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Newly Listed: Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs Skirt

Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs Skirt Vintage Embroidery Fairy tale Clothing by StarsWear
White and blue dreamy hot air balloon clouds pastel spring surreal art - Above Us Only Sky by GBrosseau
Chippy Paint Wooden Door Photography Shabby Chic Fine Art Cottage by SCPerkinsPhotography
blackthorn berries photography, nature photography print, winter blue berries by bialakura

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Garden inspiration

We are lucky to have a large garden, without it we wouldn't be able to have 13 doggies, as they can run freely there. But because of the doggies we do not have a flabbergasting garden, their running around and other things that I will not mention but you can imagine makes it impossible to have a super pretty garden but I do my best :) As you know the sea is our biggest inspiration but also a big source for materials, but the beach is not the only place. In our trees we often have feathered visitors and beside their droppings they also leave pretty things.

The Eurasian Jay has some really pretty feathers, I only find one from time to time and we keep them clean and safe in a zippered bag until we have a matching pair. Therefor we only have such a pair of earrings every few months :) I listed a new pair today, the feathers lead us to the remaining material choices, this time it is abalone shell, enameled vintage drop charms and lampwork beads.

In Turkey the pine tree is the most common tree, we live near a mountain and its trees so we have the same kind of trees in our garden, most likely left from before our house was even built. They are very high and give a lovely shade.

Their trunks have cracked, rough and textured bark.

Their needles long and fine.

And they have big pine cones. Often when one falls it falls on our roof with a loud 'thunk' and then you hear it roll down and drop in the garden, it happens almost every day, quite funny actually, even the dogs are used to it :)

The cracked bark represented by turquoise stone, the needles with beautiful silver plated branches and silver plated pine cones to finish them off. We have them as earrings and a matching necklace.

Monday 23 June 2014

Newly Listed: Orange Knitted Leather Messenger

Orange Knitted Leather Messenger Purse Laptop Tablet Bag by StarBags
California photography, San Francisco trolley, Fishermans Wharf, travel art, urban city, train by MyanSoffia
Butterfly Insect Art, Nature Photography, Glasswing Butterfly Wall Art, by RockyTopPrintShop
Aruba Starfish-beach photography-sand-starfish-ocean photography- vacation photo by myvintagegardens

Sunday 22 June 2014

Newly Listed: Tribal Feather Necklace Kuchi Zebra

Tribal Feather Necklace Kuchi Zebra Vintage Metal Assemblage Bone Beads by StaroftheEast
Zebra Fine Art Photography - Wildlife Art - Black and White Photo - Monochrome by BethWold
Birches in winter fog, fine art black & white photograph, nature by KSinclairPhotography
Black and White Seashell Photography -Photograph, Seashell Voices by CarolynCochrane

Friday 20 June 2014

Newly Listed: Deer and Elks Skirt Fairy tale

Deer and Elks Skirt Fairy tale Vintage Clothing Woodland Bambi Gobelin Fabric Clothing by StarsWear
Limpy - A photograph of a famous bull elk in Benezette, PA. by  JohnMcCulloughPhoto
Woodland Photograph - nature tree wall art - sun flare sparkly bokeh Into the Mystic by LupenGrainne
Fine Art Dreamy Woodland Rustic Elk Antlers Lomography Photography by ThePDXPhotographer

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Beach Wedding

I always love it when customers sent pictures of our items in use, especially weddings! Here is a wedding full with Star of the East pieces. To begin with this pretty and adorable flower girl with a sea urchin and mother of pearl flower necklace.

The wedding color scheme was very unusual, white, pink, green, blue and purple, but the bride made it come back at several places making it a very festive and colorful wedding.

The bridesmaids have those colors in their bouquet, shoes and the sea urchin bangles made by us.

We also made a whole bunch of boutonnieres for close family members and groom's best men.

And of course the bride, and a beautiful bride she is. At the back is a vintage brooch which we repaired, cleaned and added beautiful real pearls.

The wedding was in the Dominique Republic, look at that beach aaaah!

In the bride's hair is a custom made hair piece made with vintage enameled flowers and real pearls, matching her brooch and bouquet. We wish the newly-wedded couple many happy and healthy years!

The pictures are professionally taken by Lala from Tropic One Photography Studios at the Paradisus.

Monday 16 June 2014

Newly Listed: Leather Bird Wallet Wallet Mola Applique

Leather Bird Wallet Kiss lock Wallet Mola Applique Green Leather by StarBags
Nature Photography, Butterfly Photo, Macro Photograph, Fine Art Print by TheShutterbugEye
spring flower photography macro buds modern minimal art  by GardenCapture
Bird art, plants,Grackle and Succulents Archival Large garden art print by amberalexander

Sunday 15 June 2014

Exotic Visitor

We've had quite an amount and variety of visitors over the years, from snakes, scorpion's, salamanders, chameleons, turtles and many more, today we had a very interesting caterpillar.

There are several caterpillar identification websites but couldn't find the exact same, I have to admit I did not look for hours though, but look how many weird caterpillars there are, totally crazy!

The way it was walking was very intriguing look at its funny feet!

And he was a biggie, and I put him safely in a dog free garden so he can turn in to a pretty butterfly :)

Saturday 14 June 2014

Giveaway winners

If you see this post then you are already too late to enter the giveaway, sorry but you've missed it!

The winner of a bag of the winner's choice is:
Chantelle Walker

The winner of a 30$ gift certificate to be spent in the shop KlothoBags is:
Stephanie Kilgast

Congrats ladies! You can collect your awards by contacting Nesrin at KlothoBags

Friday 13 June 2014

Newly Listed: Grey Verdigris Leather Messenger

Grey Verdigris Leather Messenger Art Nouveau Details by StarBags
Fine art photograph- botanical print, nature, cream, blue grey, dreamy, print floral, by dullbluelight
Soft Skin - Fine art photographic print. Hands detail, woman, feminine. Home decor by GrainandSilk
take time by inourgardentoo

Thursday 12 June 2014

Locks of Love

Not very long ago I saw a little video on YouTube of a (about) 10 year old girl who cut her hair off to donate to charity for other children in need of hair due to Chemo or Alopecia, I was so touched by it that I decided that when I had the time for it I would have my hair cut so short that I could donate my hair.

Yesterday I finally did it, funny enough normally I would not easily cut off so much at once but for this reason it was very easy. There are several charities who make wigs for people in priority those who suffer from Alopecia as the hair does not grow back with that illness and secondly for people who loose their hair because of Chemo treatment.

It was so weird to see my hair like this, 35 cm (almost 14 inches) and 125 gram gone from my head and off to the USA, Florida, where I have never been even near but my hair will :)
I choose Locks of Love mainly as it is for children who need wigs and being a kid especially a teenager is already hard as it is so I think they need it more for their self confidence, but you can read here more about how to donate and more charities. Most accept dyed hair (not bleached), at least 8 inches long, check out the charities if you would like to help these kids or adults! So cut off those ponytails, it will grow back and there are about 8-10 people's hair needed for 1 wig so lots of hair needed! Just in the US 4.1 million people suffer from Alopecia and there is no treatment for it.

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Newly Listed: Rhinestone Pearl Earrings Snowflake

Rhinestone Pearl Earrings Snowflake crystal Earrings White Bridal Jewelry by StarDelights
Dreamy White Horse Photograph, Cream, Once Upon A Dream by ApplesAndOats
Ginkgo Leaves White, leaves have been bleached, dried, pressed and carefully laid out by SilkeSpingies
Black and White Frosted Butterfly Photograph print by PeaceofViolet

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Monday 9 June 2014

Newly Listed: Purple Knitted Leather Purse

Purple Knitted Leather Purse Laptop Tablet Bag by StarBags
Seeds - Rustic Winter Poppy Capsules Photography Print by Be1Atelier
Stolen Conceptual Photograph. dark art, female, skeleton key by borninnovember
Abstract Fine Art Photography Industrial Metal Pink Purple Still Life Color by SherilWright

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Sunday 8 June 2014

Newly Listed: Bohemian Chenille Knit Hat

Bohemian Chenille Knit Hat Luxurious Accessory with Kuchi pieces and Pom poms by StarsWear
Seashell photograph, beach house wall decor, beach photography, black and grey by NewLeafPics
California Photography, City Life, Los Angeles, Travel Photography, Wall Decor by urbandreamphotos
Morning dew dots in Spider Web - Fine Art Photograph by UnaPhoto

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Saturday 7 June 2014

Newly Listed: Abalone Shell Earrings

Abalone Shell Earrings Ornate Open metalwork Seashell Jewelry by StaroftheEast
Color Photography Heron Heights Woodland Print Wall Art Home Decor by CountryDreaming
Surreal Nature Photography Print, Black Birds, Teal Sky, home Decor by TheShutterbugEye
Ocean photography - Beach sea shore - seascape nautical decor by LupenGrainne

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Friday 6 June 2014

Etsy Success Newsletter

Yaaay my mini interview to Etsy is launched today through Etsy's Success Newsletter, I was contacted by them due to the fact that quiet some team members named me as an inspiring member, thank you guys :)
I sent them my own picture and a mosaic as I did not want to send just an item picture, they used my picture, I guess I should be flattered lol, this was the other picture I had prepared for them:

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