Saturday 30 June 2012

Baby Steps

This morning when I went to the vet he gave me good news right away. Urchin was out of his cage this morning, the door stays open all the time but he stays inside I think he feels more protected there. He had done his business too, so bowel movement has start and he ate and drank!
I was so happy to hear that but hadn't seen any of it.

But when I went just a little while ago his plate was completly empty and he was again alert and wagging his tail happily as soon as he saw me.
The vet brought him food he looked very interested but didn't do a thing. But once I pulled the bowl a bit away from him he got up and started to eat with a good appetite, I was so happy to see this moment. He ate good and looked content, he also licked my hands when I brought them to his face, he really is a sweetheart.

This progress is much faster then the vet expected, I also checked his theeth and they are as white as they can be so he can't be older then 2, most likely he is even younger and he is a real trooper, we'll keep you updated!

We are really amazed by the support we have recieved both moral and financially, this really helped us to keep us on our feet to keep Urchin on his, and some more special thanks to Karen, Petronella, Sue and Anca, you have been amazing, thank you!

Friday 29 June 2012

Another update

We're just back again from the vet, we are feeling better as he looks better then this morning. He reacted by wagging his tail firmly when he saw us. Also he pulls back his legs when you hold his toes and changes his position, so it seems he is not paralyzed. The vet doesn't want to do x-rays now as moving him might cause damage.
He hasn't eaten yet, but according to the vet he has drank and they will give him an IV drip if he doesn't.

We also wanted to thank everyone once again for all your moral and financial support. After our last post more help came in from Anna N., Ira, Sorina, Sirli, Esther, Lora, Ilse, Eva, Aleka and Georgia, Britta, Jana, Jelena, Meltem, Baahar, An old sweet friend, Heyme, Natalka, Elisa and Joanne. You warmed our hearts and your support means tremendously to us, we never imagined so much love and generousity, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Now we need advice!

We went again today to visit poor Urchin and came back terribly despirited.
He does not try to stand up at all, so now the vet thinks that he may be paralyzed. It transpired that he only made x-rays of the leg that was obviously broken and not the pelvis or back.
The vet had no time for us and wanted to 'wait and see'.

And other bad sign is that he neither eats or drinks and it is terribly hot.
He still waggles his tail. Do any of you know if a paralyzed dog can do that?
This evening we will go back and try to force his hand to take more x-rays and put him on a drip.

Our own vet does not want him in his clinic because he stinks and this one (the one with the best facilities in town) has him outside in a cage covered with plastic. The poor thing is panting and will dehydrate in no time.

If he is paralyzed the chances to find him a home will totally disappear, we really are clueless what to do. What would you do?

Thursday 28 June 2012

Update on doggie

We went to visit doggie at the vet. He was just back from the operation, that took four hours. They have put a plate and four screws in his leg, it was worse than they first thought.
He will stay five days in a cage at the vet's to keep him as inmobile as possible.
After that we don't know yet what will happen, but the vet says than in eight weeks he will be o.k.

He seems to smile, doesn't he?

We have received already a lot of help, and that is such a relief!
As most of you know, we already have twelve dogs, several of them have ailments due to age, so while we coudn't abandon this one, we were very worried about the money.

We want to thank by name Anda, Brigitte, Ella, Dori, Renate, Diana, Olena, Miss X, Julija, Nathalie, I┼čil, Roxanne, Raffaella, Stephanie, Erna, Anna, Katerina, Bernardett, Kim and Karen.

You rock! We know that you don't have big wallets, but very big hearts!

Thank you for the money, the trust, and the encouragement, thank you!

We need your help

Today we went out of town in our quest for urchins, but never arrived at our finding place.
Twenty kilometers out of Marmaris, laying in the middle of the road, was this dog who some soulless driver had hit.
Cars went around him but nobody stopped.
Of course, we did and took him back to our vet who did some first help, and than to another vet who has x-rays. He will operate on him today, his hind leg is badly broken.

It is a young male border collie mix. It had a nylon cord tyed terribly tigthly around his neck. Maybe he was bound somewhere and broke free, or maybe somebody threw him out a car, because there were no houses in the vicinity.
We tried to get the interest the Association for the Protection of animals, but they wouldn't hear of it.

We will get a very high vet bill. If you can help a bit with it, we would be really greatful. He will also need a home in a few days. He is the sweetest thing, wagging his tail despite his pain.
He is terribly smelly right now, but will clean up beautifully.

If you can miss a few dollars, it would help us greatly to pay his bill, please if you can miss a bit paypal it to us through our email: star-of-the-east(at)hotmail(dot)com

We will go back later today to see how everything went and to pay the expenses.

Monday 25 June 2012

Monday Moodboard

1. HEraMade 2. digitalfield  3. nihamaj  4. PatchworkMill

The wonderful color combination of Summer ~ Green (grass) and Blue (Sky).

Have a great week everyone!
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Monday 18 June 2012

Monday Moodboard

1. PiaBarileJewelry  2. mariastudio  3. bialakura  4. GBILOBA

I guess I got inspired from all the shells we see on the beach and in our workspace :)

Have a great week everyone!
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Wednesday 13 June 2012

Great Expectations

In the summer we don't find many urchins, so we went on expedition in the hope to discover a new finding place.

We had a Google map with us, but it was pretty useless. There is a myriad of this kind of dirt roads, leading from nowhere to nowhere else.

As always, as soon as you see the coast, it is breath taking.

Most of those little bays are unaccesible by land, though.

In more than 4 hours we didn't see an other human being.

Some signs of humans were present, though. In a deserted bay, somebody with inflated expectations had put some pots of honey on a table with euro prices and instructions in turkish to put the money under the stone.Maybe one day a tourist will comply.

The fishing boat was also deserted.

The person who built this handsome bridge had really great expectations. It leads from a dirt road with no trafic what so ever to a piece of land where in the distance is some bunting and a big sign saying 'restaurant'. Nothing else.

Surrealistic in the best of ways.

We followed this mother and daughter team for a while.

They lead us to their favorite cove.

A small herd convened there.

One of the girls seemed to be getting pretty attached to me.

I got squeamish, not being familiar with cows ways and all the ladies having babies with them. But probably she only wanted a scratch between the ears, like the doggies.

They were rather king size cows.

Finally we both got to our own beach combing.

The sun was scorching, btw, but they were as foolhardy as german tourists.

We didn't find any urchins, but had a great day!

Monday 11 June 2012

Monday Moodboard

1. HunkiiDorii  2. Candidate  3. Nokike  4. dindi

I'm all in to bright colors these days, must be the energy of Summer :)

Have a great week everyone!
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