Thursday 3 April 2008

Shopping in Izmir

Yesterday we went to Izmir, a big city with a population of 6 million, a 4 hour drive. More important about Izmir is, you have great BIG supply shops he he...

To give you an idea how the 'road' and Izmir is, here are some pictures...

I find these rocks incredible, never have seen anything like this elsewhere, only one small part in Turkey has such kind of rocky mountains...

Beautiful views are constintantly around us, unfortunatly you can't stop everywhere because of the high mountain road.

And Izmir...the huge chaos, the mixture of old, historic and new in such a different way....

A Hamam (Turkish Bath) for men in an old building...

Here you can see the special Hamam towels drying...

A very photogenic shoepolisher...

A beautiful Bazaar...

By the time we got to the supply shops, I was a little to busy with choosing goodies, to take more pictures.

All by all it is always wonderful but exhausting, we hit the road at 7 a.m. and were finally home near midnight.


  1. What a beautiful landscape!! Makes me wanna go there :)

  2. You live in a beautiful area. Those rock formations are incredible!

    6 million people! Wow! My little town has 4500.

  3. beautiful area but especially the pictures of the supplies are so appealing to me - i wonder why *lol*!!

  4. I really enjoy your photos. Thank you for sharing them!

  5. Oh my ... the landscape is gorgeous! But the supplies are even more tempting :)

  6. I want to visit in Izmir now! :)

  7. waouh ! beautiful these rocks !

  8. Great pics!
    Last summer I have been travelling in Turkey, and it is such an amazing place! Cappadocia is full of those weird rocks!
    I would like to go back...

  9. Those boulders are amazing. Your pictures make me want to visit Turkey, and I love the way you narrate your days for us. Thanks for sharing!

  10. aaaah!! estos mercados son mi perdición!! y la vuestra... :)

    the rocks and the views are beautifuls and " impresionantes".
    and what can i say about the marcket...

  11. Indulging in landscapes and supplies, what more could you wish for? :)

  12. Oh wow!

    What a lovely country...

    And that supply shop!!! O.o
    Why don't we have anything like that over here :(
    sniff... Can I come over some time? ;)

  13. oh, the rocky mountains are simply wonderful.
    but the supply shop, OMG, i would loose my mind in there for sure :)

  14. hi there :) I'm from Turkey too. I live in Istanbul. Your pics are really great.I'm fellin lucky to live in Turkey. I found you from your etsy store. Good job :)