Thursday 13 February 2020

Cozy Creative Space

We haven't done any update on our move, we are still moving :D It has been almost 6 months, we are still in our old home, going to the new house 3 times a week. Our workspaces are now all there, and everything is almost ordered as it should, I'll blog about the new workspace once everything is done.
With the workspaces not under the same roof Mum has been knitting a lot, here she is very comfy and strictly supervised by the 3 Juanita's. Here an old blogpost about the Juanita's (Lulu, Olivia and Truusje).

Lulu's crescent moon eyes don't miss anything, not a stitch can be dropped under her supervision.

 Mum is right now knitting something that requires 8 skeins at once, kind of hellish if you ask me, so she needed a comfortable set up to keep sanity.

The Juanita's do get exhausted, luckily there are 3 of them so they can keep guard in turns.

I do hope that this set up will keep my mother sane, things don't look that good, and she only started yesterday :)


  1. The princess in the the kingdom of the yarn. I have a problem with 2 threads. ♥

  2. beautifully spaced dogs adorn the interior)))))))