Thursday 27 February 2020

Get the Look Vol.19

Hand shaped door knockers originated in Muslim countries and symbolize the Hand of Fatima (recognized and used as a sign of protection as Evil Eye, just like the Hamsa).
We have two of these in the shop, beautiful solid brass vintage pieces, ready to give your door some character.

Don't you just love the textures of baskets? They give a rustic beach/ cottage vibe and can have a purpose too. Ours has a lovely stripe here and there giving it some extra color. These are great for couch throws storage, to cover ugly plastic plant pots, storage for logs for the fireplace etc.

Maybe this many swans is a little too much, although a lot of things do look more fun when grouped.
This little swan dish is a beautifully delicate piece made by Fitz And Floyd from 1981.

I hate hunting trophies and taxidermy but naturally found curiosities are always cool. We find some really cool bones on the beach, sometimes we don't even know what kind they are. This skull is of a wild boar, we have lots of them in the woods, and at night they come out in search of food.

While they look a lot alike the lamp above is electric and has a vintage look, while ours below is the real vintage deal. Both are very cool, perfect for a rustic or steampunk vibe.

Who says that beach vibes need to be blue, pink looks pretty beachy too.
Love the lovely shell print above, our pink beach decor is a beautiful vintage enamel piece from the brand Bovano of Cheshire, an atelier in Connecticut making only enamel pieces.


  1. So many great items ♥ I like the rustic basket too ♥ The hand of Fatima is great finds!

  2. I love seeing your pictures

  3. beautiful selection again! really quite like the baskets :)