Tuesday 3 March 2020

Up-cycle, Puzzle, Reuse

I've just finished an adorable little side table.

It is entirely made out of pre-loved items, except for the glass on top.

I had to cut the wood twice as the glass did not fit this way, I also had to have a second piece of glass cut because of the reseizing of the wood. Funny enough a similar table I made last year gave me the same problem.

Ripping off the fabric, resizing the wood and starting all over again.

The top tray got spruced up to refresh its look.

 I hand stitched the embroidery to the fabric-covered wood.

It is a pretty Hungarian embroider, very feminine and romantic.

The embroidery will stay clean thanks to the glass.

The diamond-shaped foot gives it also a modern look. The tray and foot were thrifted in Florida for this exact purpose.

Available at StarHomeStudio among many other one of a kind furniture pieces.


  1. that table is so beautiful! I love the contrast between the very contemporary foot and the embroidery :)