Monday 26 May 2008

No Time at all...

As we are extremly busy with making our new workplace and moving, we haven't have alot of time to do our normal 'things'. There for this poem was quite in place....

(Time Goes By....)


Was TIME born with all the sky?
Can TIME suffer and also die?
Is TIME flat? Or is TIME round?
Where is TIME? Can TIME be found?
Is TIME there with each beat of the heart?
Was TIME there from the very start?
Must TIME go to that being made?
Does TIME show by that being fade?
Can TIME give and also take?
Must TIME be for that to make?
Does TIME provide a way dimensions are spaced?
Are all creatures of TIME somehow inwardly paced?
Is all manner of TIME with all matter that be?
Does TIME flow endlessly?
How does the future with TIME flow past?
Does TIME move slow? Can TIME move fast?
Is TIME rough? Or is TIME smooth?
Can TIME have inflame? How does TIME soothe?
Is TIME bound? Or is TIME free?
Is TIME that what is meant to be?

Tony Avila Sampson


  1. Even without time you move me time and again with you great posts :-D

  2. Gorgeous necklace! Well, time caught us all, I guess :)

  3. I know the feeling, Star, Time moves so fast,
    I would like a day to have 5 more hours!
    and gorgeous 'time' necklace ;-)

  4. Star, this is absolutely outstanding!
    I could also say, that it is a timeless piece of jewelry :-)

  5. Oh yes... time. The old problem :)

  6. Good luck with the move girls! Hope it all goes well :)

  7. A new workplace and moving?... it's a new for me!!!
    Anyway as per usual a great poetical post and a wonderful necklace!!!

  8. What a wonderful tribute to time. I hope you have settled into your new place. Still loving my new urchin ring!! (I may have to go get my nails done). Linda

  9. Moving - always a hectic time & yet fun in a way. Looking forward to future blogs with pics of yr new work- place!

  10. Oh, the time...
    Isn't it good to STOP sometimes and think about it a while? Just posted yesterday a nice poem to "time" as I myself seemed to get caught...
    HAve a nice time!

  11. etI like the necklace...
    I personally wish you good luck, Star..., from the author of the poem "Time"...Thanks...