Sunday 1 August 2010

What the Postman brought and a Finished UFO

We recieved some delicious packages this week. This one is very special, an Antique Traditional Costume Doll from China. P8 is a huge collector, she collects all kind of traditional costume related items, as her collection has grown so large she is letting go parts of it, and shares them in her vintage shop. I love the fine details, especially the hands.

He also has a spare outfit, a gorgeous hat and lovely shoes :)

Another package was a fun suprise with a fun reason too. Martice, a europeanstreetteam friend, is working on her Thesis but was escaping often to our forums to chat. I have 'kicked' her out quiet often so that she could finish it.

I'm glad we are still friends after all those kicks ;) And she sent a fun package to thank me for it, thank you too, Marta!

Last but not least, is a lovely photo album from Nauli, which we won by winning her challenge a couple of weeks ago.
I'll make sure to use it for a special day to remember!
Thank you very much!

On a side note, I've finished our Un Finished Object, the macrame basket.
Now where and how to use it.... :)


  1. wow the doll is fantastic ....
    starts wondering about her puppet project ...

  2. ohhh Estella, ypur pics of the doll are so much better than mine. Sigh, why is photographing so difficult for me....

  3. I love the doll! And I love that it came with a set of spare clothes! :)

  4. I'm envious--I love that doll! But I can't thnk of a better person to get it--lucky you! And Nauli's work is beautiful!

  5. You got some treat today! This must be wonderful, such treasuries! And you enjoy them to the fullest which is great for the senders as well...;-) Their see you happy with it
    Thanks for sharing these lovely items and your words with them !

  6. I love them all. That doll is wonderful.


  7. That doll is supreme!
    Do you have a collection as well?

    Marta is such a lovely girl: if you kick her out she sends you gifts :-)

  8. Wow, Marta sent you all that!
    And the dolly and the Nauli's getting all that from the postman :)