Sunday 12 February 2012


Finally the pictures I have been promising for 2 weeks!
You can see here my mother's old bedroom, it is not her room anymore :) The wall you see here on the left connects to the wall to our sewing room, and that wall is now gone.

Just breaking a wall seems like a little operation, but eventually is alot of work, mess and brings some complications.

About 60 large bags of garbage came out of it.

The entire house was in dust and a huge mess as we had to empty two rooms at once (the sewing room and my mother's room).

And that all to break a little wall...

Extra detail number one: two rooms becoming one, means two doors, which means less wall, so one door had to go.

Detail number 2: the ceilings are entirely different, one is white and the other is woodworked.

The first problem is almost solved, one door is gone.

And plastered.
Also an electrician has fixed the electricity as some lines were going through that wall.

The floors are connected with tiles, luckely both rooms have the same tiles.

Then we painted the wooden ceiling white, which makes the room much lighter and the difference of the two ceilings not so obvious.

After also painting the walls, we could finally collect all the stuff of the house back to the sewing room.

In the mean time we also had to arrange my mothers room, the whole house has been put upside down to say the least but we will spare you all the details and will only show you the sewing room :) The other side of the closed door had to be painted as well and alot of things had to change in the entire house.

Organizing and reorganizing...

And we now have a spacious sewing room...

A comfortable chair for knitting and going through books etc.

A place to iron the fabrics.


  1. What a fabulous result Star! And I couldn't help not drools to see your supplies!:)

  2. oh oh ooooh! it is AWESOME!!
    I can't sew at all, but seeng this room makes me want to try *__*

    S cool! And I like hwo the wood ceiling turned out once painted in white :D

    Way cool :D

  3. WOW! It looks fantastic! All the work was worth it at last! :)

  4. What a beautiful creative space you both have to enjoy now! I am really pleased it has worked out well. I have also been through a lot of upheavals in this house and breaking and mending and fixing and sorting and organising takes time, energy and much patience, so you are two courageous ladies who deserve a toast!

  5. Great result!
    I love the wooden ceiling and the little old sawing machine!

    I hope Esther has a comfy place to sleep, too!

  6. It seems to have been heavy works in there but the result is tremendous, that room is just perfect now!! :D

  7. Wooow! what fantastic space. I loved it.

  8. Lovely space you got there, cozy creative nest :)
    Oh and the collection of little sewing machines! Love them all, I bet it's a pleasure working there!

  9. Amazing renovation, ladies, hats off! I love your way of storing fabrics in white Ikea boxes, very handy - and your sewing supplies shelves look positively delicious.
    Happy sewing!

  10. What a great sewing room. I love the little sewing machines on the top shelf.

  11. Wow! You were so busy! Fantastic result! I love your sewing machine collection!

  12. Absolutely fantastic! I hope me and my daughter will be like you two, working together, in the future!
    She is 8 now and she wants to make stuff to put in my shop :))

  13. Fantastic!Great result! I love it!

  14. Aaaaargh, dust! I bet you're so glad the works are over!!! Well done, the result is fantastic and I really love the fittings you have ... the windows and doors are beautiful, and the old desk too.