Saturday 21 September 2013

Zeyno Update

So yesterday morning we go up before sunrise and went to Aydın again for Zeyno's operation.
We were welcomed by a calf and a herd of students.

We waited till Zeyno fell asleep before we left to the centrum of Aydın to kill some time while she was operated.

When we came back Zeyno was already starting to wake up. The operation went well and to our relief it was not a tumor but as suspected her spaying operation wasn't done correctly and part of her uterus was left behind. This part had grown through the years and now got badly infected. The vet told us that it was a miracle that Zeyno was still alive and so healthy as it was badly infected.

This was the terrible piece of meat full of bacteria which was removed from her, sorry for the ugly detail but we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw it. It is the size of an adult man's fist and if we would cut it open terrible stuff would spill out of it. If it had bursted while it was in Zeyno, she wouldn't have made it.

Zeyno didn't want to see or hear about this ugly piece of meat, but is doing well. She is on a fluids diet but is in good spirit and still waggles her tail when she sees us. She is getting an antibiotic injection every morning and evening to prevent infections. Thank you all for the good vibes, I'm sure it helped her a lot!

Close to the faculty was an old abandoned cemetery. At first glance it looks like a dirt pile with some wonky stones, I think even the relatives of these souls are long gone by now.


  1. Oh Estella, she is so cute in that last picture....I am so happy for you 2! hugs and kisses on those cute spots of her! :-) she is beautiful!

  2. so glad that she is well, what a brave dog and loving masters!

  3. Estella, She is so sweet, I am happy to hear and see her healthy!
    Cemetry is ottoman. It is a shamee that it is so disorderly!

  4. Glad to know she's rid of this awful piece of "blob"!
    This cemetery is beautiful!

  5. Oh Estella I'm so glad that she is well!!

  6. I didn't know about it, but since I'm popping in, glad she's fine :)
    Many hugs to her!

  7. I'm so happy she's feeling better! Hugs to her! :)

  8. I'm SO happy to hear the great news!!! Sending loads of healing vibes to your brave girl, and lots of hugs to you sweet girls for being such wonderful, loving souls! :)