Monday 8 February 2016

A Beautiful Day

Simon is completely recovered from his surgery, yesterday I took his stitches out, I prefer doing it myself instead of putting him through the stress of a vet visit. As he was alright we could finally leave the house and enjoy the sunny weather.

We took a different road again, The mountain roads are like a labyrinth, or a kind of maze around here, there are so many and all take you to different places, seashores, beaches, forests, mountains and villages.

After a ride in the wooded mountains we arrived at a little bay where the water was so clear that you could see what was going on in the sea.

Diamonds of the sea...

We than had a wonderful walk in the forest, even the air you breathe is delicious in such places.

Around the trunks of the trees ivy's were growing slowly upwards.

We then drove a little further in to a different road and came to a magical place.

Even the shore was different than usual. It was very calm and mysterious.

Right there was a little house, what a view to wake up to.

When we approached the house we discovered that it was abandoned.

With nature slowly taking over the house. Coincidentally we came across the real estate agent who had just recently sold the property so I guess it won't be pretty like this for much longer.

The real estate agent was actually the only person we came across, we had the entire place for ourselves.

There was another abandoned house close by, this one reminded me of the little houses of a fairy tale.

With hopes to come across something magical I looked inside but unfortunately there was only rubbish.

We had a beautiful day, I hope you enjoyed it with us :)


  1. Lovely trip. Here it still looks too much like winter, all is bare and grey.

  2. This looks like a fairytale...

  3. Great to read, that your doggy is recovering and you had a nice day!

  4. What a beautiful day and this is a wonderful area!

  5. oooh, this makes me long for summer SO much :)
    Beautiful landscape ^^

  6. Amazing places! I love the last house! It looks like a little house from the fairy-tales, proper for hobbits!

  7. I so want to move there and live in that house (the bigger one), what a place! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your day.