Thursday 23 June 2016

A little in between trip

The other day we went to the city Muğla (pronounced as Muhlla). We ourselves live in Marmaris which is in the province of Muğla, the city however is a bit over a 1 hour drive as it is entirely through the mountains.

Even though it is so close we hardly ever go here, when we go somewhere we usually go to the beach on Sundays or once in a while to Izmir or Istanbul for supplies shopping. We went now as we are in the middle of changing cars. Better said for the past 7 months we are trying to decide on which car we should spent our hard earned pennies on, and the ones we mostly like are out of budget lol :)

We were again unsuccessful with the car buying (we still need to sell our old one too), but it was a nice trip and we had some other stuff to do as well.

Muğla is mostly active due to its university which causes for thousands of students to come here. The city itself still has a lot of parts where you can clearly see its naive village beginning and roots which is lovely.

This was funny, 3 guys were around this goat and farmer statue and we discovered that the statue was new and that they were holding it for the concrete to dry :)

The typical Muğla houses are with lots of wooden details, including the inside ceilings.

This shop was unfortunately closed in the afternoon but I managed to take a picture. It is a cologne shop but a very old fashioned ones and it looks like a vintage lab :)

A shabby music store, it looks like the shop owner either just cleaned the floors and did not want people to mud the floors, or he was gone somewhere and the mop was a way of showing that he was coming back soon (most likely the second scenario).

It was extremely hot, as it has been the past few weeks, and we did not walk around much as our brains were boiling. The shady parks all over towns were much appreciated especially with this weather.

Hopefully soon the comparing of car models will be over, I never thought that buying a car would be so tiring :)


  1. Love to see new places! Very beautiful pictures!

  2. Thank you for the trip, this city looks lovely! And I hope you'll soon find a new car!

  3. Muğla is something special. I really like your photos:)

  4. You have no idea how that simple daytrip makes me daydream...I had never even considered Turkey worth visiting until not too long ago, mostly because of my Turkish school friends who were absolutely all bashing their home country...and the boring all inclusive trips advertised here.

  5. I hope you will find a car within budget soon!
    Thanks for sharing pictures from Mugla, funny how those men were holding the statue in place. 😁

  6. Seems like a nice trip.
    Have a good luck with your new car.