Thursday 6 July 2017

Embroidery Magic

We've been using vintage embroidery for our work for years now. It started with our bags. then clothing and then the furniture pieces.
This piece however was so intrigued and beautiful that I have only sewn a backing and hanging loops to hang it on the wall as it is really a piece of art.

It shows two amazing birds, my best guess is that they are phoenixes. Even the black backing is entirely hand stitched, hard to imagine how many weeks this piece must have taken! It is available in our home decor shop.

Speaking of embroidery, we finally started with some furniture projects, our last project was an ottoman about 2.5 month ago so it was really time.
And I guess we missed it as we have 2 chairs and one ottoman in the making, at the same time.

The chairs were both sad and got some tender loving care and are almost ready to be upholstered, hopefully I can show some real results soon :)


  1. Fabulous wall hanging! Can't wait to see the new chair, those fabrics look great together.

  2. Wow, great finds, beautiful colors. You are really lucky. Where did you find all those wonderful things?

  3. yes, it is a piece of art! gorgeous embroidery!
    And glad you are working on furniture again, love your transformations :)

  4. Lovely embroidery piece. I love to see how you create these gorgeous pieces.