Friday 1 September 2017

From Trash to Treasure

Finally another furniture project finished! The heat is not really motivating, especially as a lot has to be done outside. This sad little ottoman had some cute legs, but that was the only thing that was nice.

The fabric and foam were in a horrible state, the legs were wobbling too, all in all it needed a lot of TLC.

Peeling off all the fabric caused me two big blisters, the wood is hard and the fabric was stapled at 3 places.

After sanding, securing and painting the feet the ottoman already looks much better.

Time to cut the kilims.

Stapling, webbing, fabric and foam.

Sewing the kilims and trims together.

As the wood was so hard it was very hard to hammer all the nails in place (FYI I was wearing shorts :)).

But the result was worth all the sweat, tears and blisters.

Giving these sad furniture pieces a new life is so satisfying, especially as we also use vintage fabrics and embroideries.

The ottoman is available at StarHomeStudio among other one of a kind furniture pieces and home decor.


  1. What a wonderful transformation! Love the kilims, great result!

  2. I'm always happy when you revamp an old piece of furniture ^^

  3. I dream of getting a similar attoman for my sick leg

  4. It is beautiful! Once again a stunning piece!

  5. Love your ottomans!! This pink is great!

  6. I love your work Estella! It is amazing how became a beautiful furniture from a sad, "lost" piece!

  7. I love to see the process, it's so exciting to read your blogpost!

  8. I'm always amazed how you manage to get furniture to look the way you make them look. It's so beautifully done!

  9. I've tried to restore a ottoman simular like this, but didn't exchange the filling (it's was old wood filling). Well, I wanted it to be kind of my chair to sewing (low enough for my table). But aah, I think I will need to pass it by your hands, it didn't last long and it is now only handling my Cat :-)
    Maybe I should give it another try, your work is very well done and inspiring!

    1. It might not be only the foam, the webbing might be too loose too. This ones webbing was intact but it had stretched so I re-stapled it very tightly.

    2. Hi, this one still works with wooden bottom (that keeps dropping down), but yes, new webbing and foam would do the trick indeed! thanks you so much!

  10. Well done, a beauty ready for un new life!