Thursday 27 September 2018

Traditional Costume

This is a gorgeous example of rare Museum quality quilted Kaftan jacket.
This is a 19th century from the Turkish Ottoman Empire an Ottoman men's kaftan - or Hil'at as it was called in old Turkish.

The kaftan was the top layer of the outfit and served mainly to show the status, function and wealth of its wearer. The most expensive fabrics and also furs were used for kaftans.

This one is entirely hand worked in the matelassee technique, a form of corded quilting that must have taken weeks to complete.
It is most probably made in Bursa, a city with a great textile history situated in the Silk Road.

This unique and rare garment is in great state considering its age. There are some stains that did not go away with dry cleaning, but it is clean and has no smell, tears or mold

The condition and workmanship of the hand quilted piece is truly exquisite. 

It has welted slits at the sides where from the pants pockets could be reached without opening the garment.

Can you imagine a H&M jacket for sale after a 130 years? Neither can I, clothes were so much more worth than they are now.
This Kaftan is available in our shop.


  1. It is beautiful and very well preserved. Fabrics are so fragile, + in the past clothes were worn to the bare thread most of the time so it's always a miracle when something reaches us...

  2. oh wow! this is such a gorgeous pieceƧ