Thursday 9 May 2019

Get the Look Vol. 15

The more rustic patina and texture a pot has the more I love it. They both almost have a kind of moon texture. Above you can see how it looks in a home and the one below is available in our shop.

I love the vintage unicorns, not today's kind that often has rainbow popping out somewhere, but the old ones with white and gold like the print here above or the vintage box we have in our shop.

One of the most popular collections among small and big boys, ours is a Turkish promotional truck made out of tin.

I love educational posters, maps, biology charts etc, they bring so much character to a room and they are educational.
I love the one above as it is simple and I'm sure the kid will know the alphabet in no time :) The ones in our shop are a set of 6 with Spanish words.

I love bookshelves with art and trinkets staged in between. While the horse above made with a mold ours is a vintage handmade piece which makes it more rustic and charming.

Round mirrors are so much fun, shaving mirrors are extra cool as one side has a magnifying mirror. If you already have a collection or want to begin, ours is from 1960 from Spain and can both hang and stand.

You can find all these vintage finds in our StarHomeStudio shop among handmade decor and furniture pieces.


  1. Indeed, all very beautiful decors!
    Really like the educational posters, they're quirky :D

  2. I also like the patina, It makes me think about the history of the subject

  3. Great finds. I like the posters too. And cars collection.

  4. What a lovely selection.
    But it is a scientific fact that unicorns do poop rainbows! :D

  5. Who doesn't need that vintage box?!?