Thursday 14 April 2011

Our Creative Space...

This week's project is an embroidered bag. I am no good at embroidery, Estella is the embroidery master, but this is a fairly simple project, so I can do it.

Free motion machine stitching and applique and french knots on top.

Isn't my sewing basket a beauty? It belonged to my grandmother. I am not sure, but I think that she weaved it her self. The lining was shot, so I made a new one with age appropiate fabric.
The scissors belonged to my grandfather's father, who was a doctor, they are doctor's scissors, some hundred and forty years old. As far as I know, since his death in 1920, they were always in use in the sewing basket, have never been sharpened and are in perfect condition.

The crochetted flowers and the crochet cotton that I use for the embroidery are from my favorite Etsy shop,
EarlyAttic, a paradise for trims and vintage sewing notions.
And me...true vintage as well :)

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  1. Your embroidery looks wonderful! And I love the sewing basket & scissor story! Nothing more precious than family keepsakes that we can use!


  2. WOW! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. such a sweet basket Esther ! And I see you are using a "vingerhoed"; I have never learned to work with that. As a consequence my fingers are always full of holes and scratches :)

  4. Yes, Ella, I always use a thimble.
    Without, I cannot sew at all!
    Old habits die hard:)

  5. Beautiful vintage sewing basket! A talented women lineage! That bag looks promising Esther :)

  6. No wonder you are so talented - you are surrounded by very special heirlooms and creations that others have left you to enjoy. The basket is lovely, the scissors a sturdy item of yesteryear - the flowers, a creation of our times.

  7. Such a lovely post about new work and old history from your family. I enjoy it a lot. It gives a deeper feeling to your work, knowing a bit more of the tools and objects in your creative space. thanks for sharing.

  8. I love your embroidery!! What, no good at it?? Eat your words! You ARE good at it!! Just look at those pics!
    Love the history of the sewing basket and the scissors!
    (btw, "vingerhoed" = thimble)

  9. what a lovely design for a bag.

  10. I love this sewing basket!! Your embroidery looks wonderful!