Thursday 19 May 2011

Some kind of Creative Space

No job goes unfinished in our household, so the roof, with some delays, is now becoming pretty with tiles and paint. I went alone today and they started with the tiles. The guys just left, yes on 10p.m., and tomorrow morning they will continue.

The last peek before it got too dark to take pictures.

And a roof terrace should have a nice view, here it is....

Between running up and down to check the workers, I am working on a second crazy daisy bag, no tv or internet does do wonders in production :)

To be continued...


  1. Goodness me both projects are incredibly labour intensive! You rock girl!

  2. Has a wonderful view, great work, I'm anxious to see completed!
    The bag is beautiful:)

  3. That bag was nice - I missed the first one. perhaps this will be for me!!

  4. Wow!You have a wonderful view from your terrace!such a fantastic place to work in the summer!!