Thursday 19 January 2012

Our Creative Space...

A bit of nostalgia this week with my old barbies from the attic. It is so much fun to give them a new life in something totally different.

Barbie arms + driftwood, and a weird metal piece from the beach, some glue, drilling and a crazy girl and this came out of it :)

I love it, and am sure that some might find it weird but weird was also a target so that is alright.
You can see here more details about the Rain Prayer Tree.

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  1. Gorgeous.
    I loe reporposing works with dolls.
    Arms legs and heads do such great pieces.
    Unfortunettly I never had a Barbie so I can cut them all up.
    I´m trying to convince my 20 years niece to give me her collection.

    Great work

  2. Yes, this is weird, but this is thoughtful. (reminds me Daphne)

  3. ha ha ha... ouch... poor barbies!!

  4. COOOOOOL! To me it looks like a 'yoga' tree. It's making me feel very relaxed!

  5. Oh my goodness! These are amazing!! Perfect for hanging earring and necklaces etc. I hope you do not miss your Barbies but I think it was worth it to recycle them!

  6. Brilliant! What a great way to recycle your old Barbie dolls!

  7. CLASSIC! Love it! I'd love one of these to hang my rings on!