Tuesday 23 April 2013

Turkish Traditions

One of the things that makes a different country exotic is often the traditions. In Turkey there are religious holidays but there are also Republic holidays established by the first president of Turkey, Atatürk (litterally translated: Father of all the Turks).
Ome of them is April 23, the day for the children.
This day involves dances prepared for weeks before hand. I think the parents enjoy this more then the children, it is a day that they can proudly show of their child.

I think the children would rather be on their skateboard or playing games on their computer, but they do get alot of extra attention :)

These days are always messy with lots of music and people and food of course.
Funny enough 23rd of April the weather is always sunny and is the start of Summer.

I didn't take much pictures of the dance it self but more of the cute mess beforehand. As it all started much later then anticipated the children started to get tired and overheated with their layers of traditional costumes.

The dances are traditionally a serious act so the children look very serious too, which is quiet funny to look at.

Next holiday will be 19th of May the day of youth and sports, where simular activities will be taken place :)