Thursday 7 August 2014

Going back to Fairyland

A few years ago we showed you this magical place, but six years have passed and nature has run its course through the place and it has become even greener, more magical and rustic.

This is a little 'restaurant' on the side of a pretty busy road. You can drive right pass it as it has hardly any indications of what the place is. The menu is simple: meatballs or chicken, with a salad of your choice. It is run by two older men, both with white beards reminding of the dwarfs from fairyland, only snow white is missing.

It has some regular tables for those who do not want to be too close to nature, each with an adorable flower arrangement, the vases are dried gourds.

Everywhere you will find old or handmade items, some are both, lots are made with natural findings which slowly are destroyed by nature but new items appear constantly.

The exterior of the building can hardly be seen because of all the plants, still growing or dried.

Here they made a roof, this was not here the last time we came here I guess they couldn't handle all the 'green' in this area. In the center is a big table, like an altar it is full with dried flowers, clearly the ones of the tables that dried out and left there, giving it a very surreal effect.

Here a detail of all the dried flowers and gourds, it is like they didn't have the heart to throw away the flowers so instead they leave them here to let them 'pass away' in their own time.

We, of course, did not sit on a neat table but went to the more rustic part where the tables are natural wood and you are right in the middle of a wilderness.

Where ever you look, up or down, you will discover all kind of things like baskets, birdhouses, bicycles, wheels, pots and more odds and bits.

The deeper you get in to this magical place the wilder it becomes, these tables are not much used and are taken over by nature, giving it a beautiful abandoned feeling, I love how nature takes over places like this.

Further down the path we go towards the kitchen, which is needless to say also outside.

Baskets full of garlic.

And the kitchen with the gnome :)
Those chandelier kind of things are made of hand rolled paper.

A kitchen can't be safe without fire extinguishers, but I doubt that these will work, they do make a fun decoration.

The cook was so busy that it took him a while for him to notice me, he gave me a big grin and then continued with his work full concentration.

These smart two were right in front of the kitchen, looking very content.

Needless to say that the food is fresh and delicious.

Once it gets dark the magic becomes even more intense. If you are ever in the neighborhood of Marmaris this restaurant is on the road between HisarönĂ¼ and Bozburun, I can give you directions :)