Wednesday 4 March 2015

Silence for a Beautiful Reason

We have been thoroughly neglecting our blog, we are very sorry for our silence! But our silence has some beautiful reasons, well at least the results are beautiful :)
As you may know by now we are going to a special silver course here in town which has been keeping us very busy!

3 days a week is quite a commitment but we enjoy it very much. Beside learning new techniques we also made some lovely friends in our group and we are having lots of fun together. I also finish off work for others as no one else in the group knows how to solder silver, which brigs a lot of extra work, hence our silence again.

I decided to give this set a separate blog post mainly as it is very special and I wanted to give it a nice spot light :)

The teacher tells us that the technique has its origin in the Caucasus, where till World War I, was used to make body armor. You can use a bracelet to pull a car, it is that strong.
Trebizond wire weaving is a local art from the northern Turkish city Trabzon.

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