Thursday 10 December 2015

Bathroom project; finally progress!

So finally progress with the big plans I have been sharing, and I just had to share them :)
It has been a crazy hectic week with Christmas orders to ship and workmen in the house but we survived and are happy with the progress and results so far.
I am very happy to say that this ugly little window is no more!

The reason that it has no glass is that it was a sliding window, so in fact only half of it opened and steam hang around for ages.

Resulting a moldy ceiling and not a very nice showering place. So we had removed the glass part to get some more fresh air in it, as the window was pretty rotten anyway. Of course in Winter this became a problem as it was too cold to shower so we attached a rolling plastic so we could close it while showering. And now it is all gone :)

First we had to empty the bathroom, it is amazing to see all the stuff we people accumulate even in a small space as a bathroom.

Then the knocking out part started, dust everywhere and the small window just like with the steam was not enough to get out the dust.

And then light! Even in the mess it looks so airy, I also want to point out that the before pictures were taken in August when it is very sunny, and these are taken yesterday and today, much lighter in December.

The new window will arrive in 10 days, we will shower with some plastic before the window but are very happy with how it already looks.

Also the ceiling was scraped and re-plastered, I will paint it later this week with an anti bacterial and anti mold paint, yes we have learned our lesson. The paint will be white again so our bathroom will be as light as a piece of heaven :)
There is more progress going on but I will share them later this month when all is pretty and ready!


  1. oooh 10 days?
    Here you'd be freezing to death without a window :D
    can't wait to see what it'll look like!

  2. I would so love to have a window in the bathroom. But as Stephanie already said, we have now around 0°C, so cannot quite imagine having a hole in the wall in the bathroom :)
    I like your washbasin, even though it is not very visible on the photos.

  3. Ow, mold is such is bastard to get rid off! People isolate, but forget about the ventilation.
    We have the great advantage of a few chimneys in our home, en every room connects to a pipe, so we knocked holes to put ventilation rasters everywhere, and in our bathroom there is a fan going on with the light, and staying on a few minutes after you turn off the light. Had pretty bad wall-mold in Belgium, it is so unhealthy!

  4. Can't wait to see the final result, but it already looks much better!

  5. Fascinating, amazing result within 10 days!

  6. Awesome result in 10 days! It's magic for me :)

  7. The light it the bathroom changed tremendously! It looks really great! I also wish I had more light in every room I have :)

  8. Wow! It's already improved with all that light coming in!