Tuesday 5 January 2016

January Projects

Now that the weather is colder and wetter not much planned for the house, but there are two projects waiting for furniture revamps. Last month was a success as all plans got finished.

This set of chairs will need a lot of tender loving care before they can be painted and upholstered, the wood is not in a condition that it can be varnished, but maybe a crazy color will give it a nice modern make over, nothing planned yet.

The second project is a piano seat. It is super heavy with the metal work making the height adjustable and the solid wood legs.

We are thinking some crazy stuff for this one too, lots of colors for sure and of course it will need a seat :) The metal work will need to be cleaned and treated too so although a small piece this one will take some time.

And as soon as weather allows I still have some paint work to do on the house, the place of the new window and some make up on the walls in general, I scratched off peeling paint so the walls look a little sad now, but this will all be fixed soon.

Do you have any plans for the month/ year?


  1. Estella, so beautiful chairs!!!!!!!!
    Wish you ood luk with your house, and with your awesome works!

  2. I can't wait to see the result of the armchairs and piano stool make over! Hurry up!!!!!! :)

  3. Great plans ahead!
    Yes I plan to start a new project about consumption or the idea of "too much", not quite sure yet, I have a few ideas, so might just dive in at some point and see where it leads.

  4. Looking forward to see what the chairs and the piano seat will become!
    The piano seat looks almost exactly like the one I had once upon a time. We had to give up the piano when moving because of no space, since no one played it, it just stood in a corner (it was my grandmothers).

  5. Can't wait for these new projects! They look really cool! I am curious about the piano stool and I am sure I'll love the armchairs!
    For now my january is only about a project at my day-job :D so all the other "big" plans are postponed to february!

  6. Looks like fun :-)
    Lots of plans, work on the house is an ongoing project.
    Also have a great old cupboard that needs to be sanded, taken apart, redone, and varnished, but that one has been on my to-do list for 5 years now, maybe this year :-)

  7. Love them all: the chairs and the piano seat! Can't wait to see what are you going to do with them!!!

  8. Funny that those 2 old chairs actually match my living room furniture (that come from one of my great-grand-mother).
    And,no, no plans for 2016. I'd like to travel but that's more a dream than a plan ;)

  9. Wow! the two old chairs are amazing! and this piano stool looks promising, I imagine very well how beautiful they will turn up once the magic of Star of the East applied!
    My project for 2016 : be myself and be my own best friend ;-)