Thursday 6 October 2016

Revived Memories

We already finished another armchair! This one went pretty fast compared to many others, mainly as it only has little feet to sand and varnish, no paint work, which was nice for a change :)

The brass feet went in the tumbler for a nice cleaning, the wood was sanded and varnished. The chair came from a friend who ripped off the old upholstery and filling planning to upholster it himself but he eventually found that the chair was not his style and gave it to me :) It was nice that the old work was already removed, the less work for me, but hence the reason that there is no real 'before' picture.

With mostly vintage embroidery and the remaining part some deep red velvet it has a very dramatic atmosphere :)

Super happy how it turned out! You should see mum and me looking through dozens of embroideries to find the perfect ones, it is like a woman going to a first date and not knowing what to wear!

The chair is among other one of a kind furniture pieces available at StarHomeStudio.

Another special piece I recently listed is this dollhouse.
Made in 1905 by the owner of the actual building for his son! The original building was shortly afterwards replaced by a bigger one unfortunately so no images available online. It was in Amsterdam, the address is actually written on it which is why I know it isn't there anymore. It was a Tobacco Warehouse.

We had it in our living room when we still lived in Amsterdam and I grew up seeing it. Our own house was a bit like it, and somehow it seems it was time to say goodbye to that time, after almost 20 years living in Turkey.

The details are amazing, and it is super heavy made of solid wood.
You can see more images of it in the shop.

And if you are in to dollhouses, I loved these miniature projects made with every day items, like this adorable furniture piece made with two matchboxes.

And these cute tiny clothes hangers made with paperclips.


  1. The transformation of the armchair is so fascinating! And the finished chair is wonderful! An adorable piece of furniture!
    And, I love dollhouses! Made one for my girls by myself and all the furniture and stuff. Has been a great project!

  2. new life of things looks great

  3. Once again congrats on your work, the chair is amazing and the dollhouse is fantastic!

  4. Love the chair!! I want to have friends like yours!

  5. What an amazing work for a new life of old things! The result is absolutely fascinating!

  6. The chair back is just as gorgeous as the front!
    And that dollhouse is to die for! I had a very plastic standard playhouse...

  7. I'll sound like a broken record...but love lovelove the armchair! And the dollhouse is so cute!

  8. I love your chair but this Dollhouse is just amazing!!

  9. I always get ridiculously excited about your refurbished furniture!! Such cool pieces! And that dollhouse is too cute ^^

  10. Your new armchair is so beautiful!!! I love the Dutch doll house and the miniature furniture too:))) Really cool projects!

  11. OMG! You have two amazing pieces that I totally love here Estella! The chair is amazing! I love it! Great work as always and the dollhouse is to die for! I know a building exactly like this one in a town- that was a Girls School in 1900's and is now surrounded by tall buildings, standing there like a witness of the times before ours!