Monday 5 December 2016

Our Creative Space...

Mum has been knitting, well she almost knits non stop its her favorite thing to so (beside buying yarn to knit).
She made these beautiful triangles from 100% to felt after it is all sewn together.

However the bag turned out tiny after felting! After so many hours the result was very small, pretty , but small.

So she started again, this time much bigger triangles.

This time it really turned in to a bag or lets say a decent sized bag :)

Here you can see them together to compare. Looks fun as a mother-daughter duo, but they are available in the bag shop separately.

After mum finished the knitting and felting, I sewed the zippers and linings and riveted leather straps to them. They are available at StarBags, among many other special bags :)


  1. I like the little bag the best! I can see it as a perfect party bag with a black dress.

  2. Before reading your caption I was thinking to a mother-daughter duo!! Great work!! Love the colors!

  3. That's an interesting technique. And the bags look great!

  4. You have a really talented mom. I love this bag. I am glad you write the story behind it :)

  5. Love your bags. As a felter I never think about felting the material after knitting, but this looks sooo amazing.

  6. I love the mum-daughter idea, it would be a perfect gift for going together combined :)