Friday 26 May 2017

From the Coast to Yuba City

The last few days we have been keeping it a bit calmer, making shorter distances and in general doing less. We have been so busy with seeing as much as possible and visiting a million thrift stores that we really needed to take a break before we are heading back home.

We only went a little more north up the coast and then west in lands.

We drove through many beautiful roads, sometimes the trees are so dense that the road is dark. We went through tiny towns with just a few hundred people, farms, ranches, forest and mountains, the landscape constantly changes.

I marked the places where we spent a night, today we are at Yuba City and tomorrow Nevada City, after that we will be going North back to San Francisco as we are flying back home from there.

We stayed a few days near the lake which was peaceful.

And today we did a last thrift store marathon, getting all our treasures home will be a challenge, my globe collection has about doubled during this trip, it has been crazy :)

Some towns are very calm, life is slower.

These old cars were just there, clearly been there for a long time, in the middle of the city, strange but nice.

We'll be flying home Sunday morning local time, and will arrive home Monday evening local time there, oh boy :)


  1. Can't wait to see all the treasures you are bringing home :) Have a nice trip and thanks once again for sharing the beautiful photos of your vacation!

  2. This is an amazing road. We would have the trees chopped down

  3. I think I love the pictures of the houses best, it's always more telling of a country than its landscapes, as the old ones really tell so much about the land and uses.