Friday 5 May 2017

San Francisco: Cable Cart and Fishermans wharf

Yesterday we had a lovely day. We started by taking a cable cart to Fisherman wharf.

Seeing the city without walking was a nice change, you do get tired in a city full of steep hills and streets.

Of course the beautiful houses of San Francisco are very iconic and beautiful.

The entire city has a very pleasant vibe, most cities don't have that.

Once at Fisherman's wharf we walked near the sea.

Enjoying the amazing surroundings, parks, vintage trams and lovely weather.

Last time I was here it was August and very crowded, so crowded that I hadn't been able to locate the sea lions. This time it was calm and we could find them. We first heard their cute sounds.

They looked super content and for a while you forget you're in a city. They were sleeping like happy puppies, some were playing. It was truly a joy to watch them, especially as it was not crowded with people we could just enjoy it.

After this we went through the shops at Pier 39, all very touristic but charming.

And then to the aquarium, another thing I wanted to do last time but did not have the opportunity.

I loved the odd sea creatures, anemones, sand-dollars and of course fish.

But my favorite were the jellyfishes, so hypnotic and soothing.

There were various sorts and they all looked like lace.

This school of many tiny fishes had a beautiful shine, also very hypnotic :)

There were fish larger than us, and there were 2 divers in the large aquariums, we were suspecting that they were feeding the large fish to prevent that they eat the fresh fish in the aquarium.

I've always wanted to visit a large aquarium, it was a beautiful experience, the sea is so amazing.

My battery died after this but there were also some sharks, they were however moving very fast so taking pictures would have been hard, we just enjoyed them.
Did you know that people kill 100 million (100.000.000) sharks a year while sharks kill 5 people a year? Seems like we are the dangerous predators in the sea don't you think? Many organisations are working on protecting them, sharks are keeping the balance in the sea, also their lungs clean the water and the sea creates 50% of the oxygen we breathe everyday (the other 50% is made by the forests). So protecting them is not only for their benefit but for everyone. Unfortunately fins are still used as food at many places, a cruel thing as the sharks are thrown back in the sea to die.


  1. When I was in San Francisco (july), there were only three sea lions at the pier. In middle of summer they go further south. :)

  2. The buildings! *gasp*
    How crazy that there are sea lions in the wharf! And jellyfishes are the best indeed :)