Thursday 12 April 2018

Spring Has Sprung

I love this time of the year, weather is warming up but during the night it is still blanket weather, perfect! As soon as the weather starts warming up, Nature awakes around us.

We have a huge amount of wildflowers in our mountains and they also pop up in our garden. All these pictures are either from our garden or from my dog walks right near our home.

Turtles also woke up from their winter sleep.

This one came right at our door, I kind of think that some come back every year as I give them lettuce and cucumbers they might remember our address as a good one :).

There used to live an ex-president close to our house, and he had guards and this little watch tower is a leftover of that time.

I love the colors and geometry of nature!

No wonder we have lots of bees and great honey around here, look at all those flowers :)


  1. Oh yes! Spring is here too!
    Love all the pictures! I think I'll pin some on my nature mood board :)
    And that turtle is too adorable!

  2. Beautiful spring photos! And amazing guest you had!
    We are just in the very very beginning up here in the north. Snow has just melted and nights are still cold, but the past days we have had nice sunny weather. :)

  3. So nice to see your beautiful photos on spring! Here it's rainy and cold, spring is late and my turtles are still sleeping!