Friday 12 April 2019

Weird Times

I mentioned our elections last week.
After 13 days they (AK party) still have not handed over Istanbul to the Democratic party, they are asking for recounts, which happened, and now even try to have a new election for just Istanbul. In the meantime papers are destroyed, and ugly things are surfacing. For example, just in Istanbul, it turned out that there were 60.000 employees, getting their salary every month, without working a day. ATM workers they are called, so the only job they do is go to an ATM and withdraw their salary. The corruption is huge, and this is just the beginning of the pile of money they have been spending on friends and family. I hope Istanbul will get their deserved Mayor soon, and hopefully, this is the beginning of a new era here.
And the photo is just something I took this week, light is hope, and I hope to see light at the end of the tunnel :)


  1. Must say that I like more your post about thing you are doing, what you creating...That is not meaning that I have not my own opinion about politic.
    You know that I am from Croatia and I know what politic and war can do to our life. The times will always be good or bad. Let's keep our little part of universe clean and safe of politic.
    Hope the better era is coming...Sometimes I believe that the world will be a better place without politicians.

  2. Oh yes, corruption and fakejobs, global problem...But what really gets to me is those important jobs given to people who are not competent and always blaming the poorest for everything that is wrong.
    But everything is a cycle...hopefully...

  3. oh what?
    I had no clue this was happening in Turkey. I do need to catch up on news. You leave for a week and sometimes it feels like the world has collapsed when you come home.