Tuesday 29 October 2019

Shabby Flea Market

This past Sunday we went to İzmir again for a second trip to IKEA, but we went on the busiest day as we wanted to combine it with a visit to the Flea market which is only on Sundays. Izmir is more than a 3-hour drive so we usually combine a few things.

The Flea market had moved to a new location, and it couldn't be shabbier. Absolutely adorable, the way to it was a very narrow road, and looked totally like a village but Izmir is a huge city with more than 6 million people!

A few vendors were on that street

Among laundry that was not for sale :)

But most activities were in an old factory building.

All kind of stuff was for sale, lots of total junk but there were also some great treasures.

Despite the shabby place lots of vendors were asking too much, still we had lots of fun and found a few pieces.

A very attentive cat selling drills :)

It was busy and messy but super fun and had a great atmosphere. Izmir is the most democratic city (and province) of Turkey and has a pretty relaxed and warm vibe.

It was worth getting up at 6am and we are definitely going to do it again!

There was also a woman making Gözleme, a typical Turkish food, thin dough filled with cheese, or vegetables or both, it was warm and fresh and the woman was hilarious.

Turkey keeps us surprising of the fun and exotic places we keep seeing. Izmir is always super messy, shabby but loads of fun.


  1. If you haz moniez, cat haz warez :'D
    It looks pretty magical, it looks so atmospheric, I can hear the sounds and smell the smells...

  2. It looks charming in it's own way! We have lots of flee markets here too, but not so huge and picturesque. The best one I've attended was in Odessa.

  3. It’s similar to the flea market in St. Petersburg

  4. Oh how I love flea markets! There are always some treasures to find there :D Loved reading about your trip to Izmir.

  5. Love Turkish flea markets. The first baklava that I ever eat was in Turkey, a tasty one with
    pistachios. Before that I do not love baklava at all. And people are so friendly and speak all languages. I had feeling that everybody is a polyglot.

  6. looks like a fun flea market indeed!