Monday 21 January 2013

Monday Moodboard Raffle Day #3

I'm very happy about how the tickets are going, we are close to 200 tickets now and hopefully many more will sell so that Sandra can stick her head out of the water. This week's moodboard is entirely made with Sandra's items, her shop Azulado is her only income so if you don't want to play in the raffle it is now the perfect time to buy something from her shop!
It would be great if you can also promote both her shop and this raffle on your blog to spread the word!

Please see the previous posts to see what this is all about, in short we are trying to raise money for Sandra who just recently lost her husband to cancer, and her little boy.
More then 50 prizes are donated for this raffle to win, everyday 5 new prizes are shown here on the blog, to be able to win simply purchase as many tickets as you can, all money will be going to Sandra and you might win one of the amazing gifts. You can win extra tickets by sharing the raffle on your blog, twitter or facebook to help us spreading the word.

p.s. I heard that the button brings you to Paypal in Turkish, if you are not familiar with Paypal this might be a bit confusing, so if you need help let us know!

This week not only (either normal or about Sandra) monday moodboards but also normal blogposts about Sandra can be linked, just simply leave your link by clicking on the 'add your link' button so we can all see how we are spreading the love together!
And here are the next 5 amazing gifts that can be won by buying tickets, the more tickets you buy the more help for Sandra and more luck to you for beeing able to win one of these wonderful items!

 Ceramic Lilypad coasters donated by damsontreepottery

 3 bookmarks with vintage images donated by marinaswishes 

 Polymer clay statement necklace donated by HunkiiDorii

 Set of 6 giftbags donated by PaperWhispers

Handmade lampwork beads donated by  CandanImrak


  1. I see we had all similar idea :)
    estella you are doing such a great job with this initiative ♥

  2. This raffle is a fantastic idea! I am proud and thankful to all people who joined it! :)
    Shared again:

  3. We can admire Sandra's ceramic pieces!!

    I've blogged too in english and french

  4. What a tragedy to lose your loved one like that! My heart and prayers go out to Sandra and her little boy.
    Amidst all this misfortune, I'm sure it is a comfort to her to be in such a supporting team.

  5. Bought my ticket! :)
    Thank you!!!

  6. Bought a ticket and I did FB post about it. I hope you don't mind me copying and pasting your text, if you do I will remove it

  7. Great initiative!!
    Already purchased something from Sandra's shop and share on FB!

  8. Just bought a ticket! Also I made a blog post
    And posted massages on my FB page

  9. This is still amazing!!
    Bought another ticket. :)
    Will share later this week.

  10. Estella, you just fantastic!
    I have bought my tickets, and share this raffle on my facebook!

  11. Estella, you just fantastic!
    I have bought my tickets, and share this raffle on my facebook!