Tuesday 22 January 2013

Raffle Day #4

We are very happy with the results of the raffle thus far: four hundred tickets sold!!

You are lovely, lovely people.

We have had comments (and help!) from people that have lived similar tragedies, people with loved ones fighting cancer, people in similarly precarious work situations. All  these persons tells us how very important financial help is. It is not very romantic to talk about money in a mourning situation, but everyone of us needs money, and the lack of it on top of the suffering is enough to get a person paralyzed and clueless.

More good news is that many, many people have bought items from Sandra's shop. Her shop is blooming !!
Sandra was briefly in her team forum yesterday and this is what she wrote:

''...And today for the first time I went to the studio and started working with the passion that I always had, I confess I am quite lost, but you guys gave me the strength to get up in the morning and go to the studio, thank you for everything.
I am so amazed at all that I've walked a few miles out of a 3 meters studio.''

And the strength to work is just what she needs to find her footing and confidence in her capacity as only breadwinner.

Did I tell you that you are all lovely people? Very. Lovely. People.

You can see what this raffle is all about in the previous posts, in short Sandra lost her husband to cancer, and after already months of less income and more expenses she really needs all the help that she can get! Please purchase as many raffle tickets as your budget allows or if you do not want to particiape in the raffle her shop has gorgeous ceramic pieces and is her only income, she has a little boy of 5 years old.
You can earn extra tickets by sharing the raffle on Facebook, twitter and on your blog.
The Paypal page comes for some reason up in Turkish, the language changes once you have chosen your own country.

Here are 5 more of gorgeous items all generously donated for the raffle, the more tickets you buy the more opportunity to win one of these!

 Art print donated by Mysoulfly

 Baby booties donated by SasasHandcrafts

 Fabric and crochetted statement necklace donated by rRradionica

 Gold plated sterling silver stud earrings donated by meltemsem

Ceramic Valentine's plate donated by Ceraminic


  1. Beautiful prices today! Shared on my fb site again. :)

  2. Thank you Estella! The winners will be lucky!!!

  3. Thank you Estella! Winners will be lucky!

  4. Great news: four hundred tickets sold!!
    I shared the raffle on facebook and my blog, no need for free tickets, though. Thank you, Estella!

  5. Such a touching story, it is amazing to see the human kindness that has come from it. I purchased a ticket and have shared on my FB pages. Good luck with ticket sales!

  6. Such a touching story, it is amazing to see the acts of human kindness to come from it. Purchased a ticket and shared on my pages. Good luck with the ticket sales!

  7. benim annem 3 yıldır kanser.verdiğimiz savaşı biz biliyoruz.çok zor.o yüzden çok iyi anlıyorum.bilet alamadım ama ona daima sağlık mutluluk ve başarı diliyor ve dua ediyorum.sevgiler..

  8. Great new items!!!
    I've shared the raffle again on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/atomium.any

  9. And tweeted the event: https://twitter.com/aplusdesignnn/status/293965833846267904

  10. Such gorgeous prizes for such a good cause!