Saturday, 21 May 2022

Newly Listed: Knitted Geometric Rainbow Scarf


Knitted Geometric Rainbow Scarf, Multicolor Wrap Scarf, kaleidoscope Scarf by StarsWear

Colorful abstract art prints are all by twoems

Thursday, 12 May 2022

Some Finished Furniture Pieces


I've been pretty busy with some new furniture pieces lately. If you've seen my previous blogpost you might have seen the skirt made with a vintage gobelin tapestry. We've been making such skirts for years but never used it for furniture.

We decided to give these chairs a makeover with tapestries, and look how beautiful they turned out. A far cry from when I found them with fake thorn leather and wonky legs.

Each chair is done with different tapestries, making each unique but they do match together. Even though we did not use fairytale themed tapestries like we often do for skirts they still remind me of fairytales.

After all I think almost all old fairytales have woodland environments, little red riding hood meets the olf in the forest. Snowwhite finds the hut of the dwarfs in the forest, Hansel and Gretel also got lost in a forest so yes no wonder.

I'm utterly delighted with how they turned out and of course, the fact that I saved three chairs from ending up in the landfill is a very important bonus.

I'm curious where they'll end up, I'm sure they'll fancy any space up as they are beautiful from all sides.

All three are available among many other unique furniture pieces at StarHomeStudio.

Something that somehow took me 18 months to finish was this 1930s room divider. It had no fabric and the wood was in a bad shape.

The paint was stubborn and I ended up buying a new sander as our old one was just not up to the job. Somehow stuff came in between but I'm glad it is now finished and looking maybe even better than it originally was as I used a vintage kilim instead of some fabric.

I did not cover the backside of the Kilim so the many hours of work can be admired.
The wood looks like new after sanding for many hours, staining, and oiling as the wood was very dry. I wish I had the space for it, I would have kept it for myself if I did! Also available at StarHomeStudio.
You can see a short video of the various it steps it went through on my Instagram.

Thursday, 21 April 2022

Newly Listed: Knitted Cardigan and Tapestry Skirt


The mossy green knitted cardigan and Little Red Riding Hood tapestry skirt look great together and are both available at StarsWear.

Sunny Forest Poster Trees Forest Landscape Photography Print Nature Photo Printable Wall Art Decor Woodland Wall by AmeliyART

California Redwood Trees, Pacific Northwest Wall Art, Redwood Forest Print, Nature Photography, Eureka California by BohoStylerStudio

Stag in the early morning sunlight, Deer Art Print, Buck, Woodland, Forest, Wildlife Photo, photo wall by DeadGoodArt

Monday, 4 April 2022

Newly Listed: Embroidered Owl Bag


Embroidered Owl Bag, Little Kiss-lock purse, Vintage Embroidery, Floral, Linen, Kiss-lock by StarBags

Food Photography Persimmon Still Life Orange Fruit Art, Kitchen Wall Art Dining Room Art by LupenGrainnePhoto

France Photography - French Country Blue Door, Home Decor, Cottage with Roses, Large Wall Art by GeorgiannaLane

Water lily art impressionist art canvas art pastel floral art waterlilies art photo art nature prints by BrookeRyanPhoto

Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Get the Look Vol. 22 Harry Potter version


As a big Harry Potter fan this blogpost is really late but I never realized we have so many Harry Potter style pieces in our shop! This scene from the first movie in the resctricted area of the Library at Hogwarts shows Harry with a lantern. I wonder if other HP fans purchased some of our lanterns as we sold quite a few.

(©2008 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. - Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R)

See? Our vintage brass lanterns fit right in! We still have a few left and some gas lamps and such as well, perfect for the magical world that has no electricity. Sadly the one in the movie breaks as Harry gets caught and drops it :)

This Trunk was from the fourth movie where the real professor Moody was locked up.

We have a similar looking trunk and it is actually big enough to fit someone in lol :)

Professor Snape's class room and potions storage room is full of bottles and glassware of which we have a few ourselves. Like this instant collection of pharmacy bottles.

And these spirit burners and old pharmacy tools also fit right in.

The beautiful pale green glassware pieces are just like vintage bottles and pharmacy glassware which we also have in the shop.

See our vintage bottles here.

Trunks are always a classic in Harry Potter, no modern suitcases in sight. We have a few beautiful vintage trunks and chests in the shop.

And beside bottles, cauldrons and fire there is no potion making without a good pestle and mortar to grind some tough ingredients.

Do you think our pieces would work well in a HP movie? And are you a fan too?
(©2008 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. - Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R)

Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Newly Listed: Sea Urchin Lamps


It has been so long since I blogged! Our move to the new house, combined with the pandemic brought a lot of chaos and I just haven't made the time to get back to blogging.

But I love blogging so I will start easy with a pretty mood board like the old days :)

I hope we still have readers left!

The pretty sea urchin lamps are from StarHomeStudio, the other photos are all taken by me.

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Proof of Life

I can't believe it has been 5 months without blogging! That never happened, not even 1 month!

Things have been hectic and blogging and social media have suffered under it, I'm going to do my best to blog regurlarly again as I do love it.

You might remember that we bough a house almost 2 years ago. We first moved our working space, which took almost 6 months and then slowly the house as we were on zero budget and a lot needed to be bought and done on the new house as no one had lived in it  before a lot of things were missing, like a stove and warm water boiler etc.

After moving the house I worked on both the new house (garden, curtains, shelves and a million other things) but also continued emptying the massive amount of stuff from the old house (attic full of vintage items and furniture, thousands of books etc).

Our old house is a beautiful house full of wooden details but we have lived there for 20+ years and had 10 dogs and our working area it was very tired. As we hope to sell it for a good price I have been renovating it, myself and also with some paid help. Interior and exterior walls have been painted, some roof repair etc. I have been fixing a lot of furniture pieces that were previously in the attic. They are all vintage, I sold a bunch of furniture locally through Facebook marketplace and Letgo to empty the house (and for some cash) and also been fixing those that we are using to stage the house.

It has been tiring but also very satisfying to see these old sad pieces come to life again! This room's very dark wardrobe made it dark. As it wasn't in perfect vintage condition I did not feel guilty to paint it to make it fun. The paint work is inspired by the chair in the corner, which was brown before and did not have cushions. The fun blue fabric was also used for a long cushion on the bed. The mirror is also an old and very heavy piece that used to be gold and dreary. The pelican photo was taken by me in Florida.

Only the bed matrass was bought everything else we already had and was just a question of spending time and effort to make it.

Our pretty varanda that used to be our workspace is now a spacious living area. The couch set was a sad outdated brown 1970s set that we at one point wanted to give to a friend and didn't want (for free) and is now beautiful. I painted the wood off white and upholstered it with Gray-offwhite fabric. If we had no dogs I would have wanted it in the new house! There is also a table set on this veranda that also got painted and new cushions and a work table got a make over, I'm only showing parts!

This sad little cabinet had some missing pieces, and is now one of my favorite furniture pieces in the house. Not sure if I'm going to sell it once the house is sold as I love it now.

The seating area furniture belongs to the house but the wood was sad and dark.

A bit more spicey, light and fun and about 10 hours of paint work.

All these midcentury pieces were in the super full attic but now have been great to stage the house. They all needed work though.

I upholstered the sides as the wood was bad and dark.

The chair in the corner got the same fabric as the bed to match. I fixed the vanity (no before pics. And am going to fix a chair to put in front of it.
I forgot to picture many other pieces and I sold 5 large furniture pieces which made a lot of space.
I'll soon show the new house as well which finally has a garden, not entirely finished and a bit of a mess which is another story for another day :)