Wednesday 26 September 2007


It seems that we have been tagged by Morrgan to explain ourselves in seven points, especially any oddities we may have. Well, oddities enough…

1. Estella can not watch any vaguely emotionally film without crying buckets. Bambi is good for a deluge.
2. Esther can not watch any horror film, alone or in company. Dot.
3. We both hate, very thoroughly, any housekeeping chores.
4. We are both internetcoholics and we fight for PC time.
5. We use terms like ‘fat worm’ or ‘green disgusting being’ as terms of endearment for each other.
6. We can complete each others projects effortlessly or understand where a project is leading too without any explanation.
7. And last, but not least…we have fifteen dogs…yes,15. There over more in the next post.


  1. OMG, you can finish each others artworks? WOW, you really must know each other very well! Neat facts to know...

  2. 15 dogs?!?
    Oh my ... my little one is enough to drive me crazy sometimes. But - as we both know, it makes us clever. All those crazy things ... *g*

    Look forward to hear more about the dogs :)

  3. 15!!!!
    What in earth you do with those??? :D
    So I guess you guys look a lot bambi movies, no cry, no horror ;)

  4. YAY! 15 dogs .... already I feel I know you so well :) I am incapable of driving/walking past an abandoned dog ... we have 4 permanent residents (my babies) and several who have come and gone over the last few years

  5. 15!! uawo!!! impresive... i don t have words!!
    but please... i want to see a family dog photo!! :D

    and.. i didn t know you are two!! :)

  6. "Green disgusting being"! That's too funny. :D Fun list of facts, thanks for playing!