Wednesday 26 December 2007

A Turkish wedding

One of Estella’s friends got married the other day. A Turkish wedding is, of course, similar to any other wedding, but some oddities make it worth to share in a blog post.

Here is the bride gathering her strength for the ceremony, with the omnipresent Ata Türk looming in the background.

The bride and groom make their appearance at the wedding place accompanied by confetti and party crackers.

They give each other their ‘yes’ in the presence of two witnesses, a wedding official (in purple gown) and all the guests.

Then the happy couple opens the dance. The red sash around the bride’s loins is a virginity symbol, as is the white dress.

The male friends of the groom dance around the couple.

The most awkward part of the ceremony is the pinning of money or gold coins on bride and groom. Somebody holds a dish with pins and you fasten your offering without sticking the pin in human parts. Because the gift is openly displayed, thriftiness is out of the question!

The fastening of presents is accompanied by happy drumming.

Exhausted by all the festivities, the bride badly needed an smoke. That had to happen in the bathroom, because well brought up Turks never smoke in the presence of their elders, no matter how old they have become themselves.

She also needed a pee.

Greatly relieved, she goes back to the festivities.

The cutting of the cake. The knife is very similar to a Turkish scimitar. If the girl has second thoughts, this is the moment to act upon them, one should think.

The couple, tired and happy, at the end of the evening with the friends of the bride. As the Turkish say: ‘That they may grow old on one pillow.’


  1. I very much enjoyed the insight into a turkish wedding. And yeah, had some laughs. The needed pee pic is priceless! :)

  2. Stars, this is most enjoyable reportage :) Still giggling...

  3. i have seen a turkish wedding ceremony before (not in person) but the part in the toilets is hilarious, and so so so human :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the insight*big smile* But I must admit, I wonder a bit about the white dress, as I thought, they would wear traditional dress.

  5. So funny, Star! You did a real good job with the pictures and giving us an intimate insight on celebrating a Turkish wedding. Thanks for sharing!

  6. great story planning on my wedding this summer in istanbul and also one in will be some excitement!

  7. Dear friends,
    I am a Turkish girl who is going to get married in a year. I wanted to tell you that we wear our traditional costumes (and it's optional)only on our henna nights. (A henna night is similar tou your bachelor party for girls.) But during the wedding the bride always wears a white dress, a wedding dress. And the red ribbon is also optional. You may know that Turksih people love being traditionalist :)love from Turkiye.. Tuana.

  8. Have you got a pic of how the money is pinned on? Do you pin them all together? Do you make a chain with the notes and pin them on like that? Going to a Wedding this week and have been told that they are having a traditional Turkish taki so please help!

  9. There will be someone holding needles near the groom and bride. You just take a needle and attach the money bill to another bill that has been attached before, you'll understand when you see it :) Have fun!

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