Saturday 12 January 2008

Branch office of heaven

I have moaned often enough in this blog over the weirdness of living in Turkey and specially of dealing with government related affaires.
If you have asked yourself why we do live here, look at this photographs and you’ll know. Nature is all around us, and yes, it is paradise

These pictures are taken during the 40 km drive to the beach where we find the sea urchins and other treasures that you are seeing lately in our jewelry.
The road has at times the sea at its left or its right, being a peninsula, and goes through a pine trees, eucalyptus and rhododendron forest.

We encounter several goats during the journey. If you bleat, they bleat back. Instant contact! In the background are blue painted bee hives.

We are almost there! You can see the sea through the trees…

Here you are, the branch office of heaven…and you know what? It is all ours. When ever we go, summer or winter, we never see a soul. You can walk for miles at the sea shore, pick up treasures and find calm. No wonder that we are looking smug sitting in our private paradise.

And than the road back…along the sea…through the forest…

These are the sea urchins, the way we find them.

After several manipulations they will look like this…


  1. star, that is such a lovely story! And incredible how beautiful you make the sea urchins! I think you should link this story in every listing on etsy of the sea urchins so people can read it (but that is just my two cents :)

  2. Star, I enjoyed every minute of this beautiful journey :) Missing badly sea and sun and warm weather!

    And I agree with karlita, you make such a wonders from sea urchins...

  3. Woww! You are SO lucky to live there. And you're really great in turning those brown, spiny sea urchins into your beautiful jewelry collection! Thanks for sharing, Star!

  4. I'm impressed, Star! Absolutely gorgeous collection of urchins and knowing this little story behind them makes it even more special! :)

  5. You live in such a beautiful place it's no wonder you're inspired to make beautiful things!!!

  6. Those are wonderful photos and I can understand why you love it there.

    I found your blog through your Etsy shop and I must say I really like your jewelry.

  7. What a beautiful place to live, Star! The urchin transformation is amazing, very interesting to know what it looks like orginally!

  8. Oh how wonderful to accompany both of you on this lovely trip. Reminds probably most of us on holidays.

    The work you do with these urchins is outstanding. Really gorgous. And that comes from me - a so not into jewellery girl! :)

  9. Thank you for sharing this !
    You know how much I love Turkey and it was a little hurting to watch those pictures, but I miss back so badly...
    The nature, history, culture, I love everything there.
    This is my dream to live one day in Turkey...

  10. Your work is, love, love the sea urchins.
    Saw your work featured on Dharma Designs blog and found your blog through Nagajna's

  11. todo se ve bonito!!
    beautiful! :)