Monday, 14 July 2008

New Look

We where thinking about changing our 'look' of the shops for a while, only problem is how...
After looking for something nice I decided to try it out a little with my limited photoshop skills, the result was this banner:

But we both didn't like it, so I made another one:

I was quite proud on this one as my skills are so little, but only 50% of the opinions where positive, so Renate (Kreativlink) was so kind to offer her help and did some magic:

And she was so sweet to also make one for the giftshop, supplyshop and our blog!

Looking great, don't they?
Thank you Renate :)


  1. They do look very beautiful!!!

  2. Awww.. it's still yours I really did only change the font!!!

    But still, thanks for pulling me in front of the curtain! *blushes* :)

  3. Great banners! I see a beautiful career before you Renate!

  4. You two together are the Stars!

  5. Great banners! I like the elegance and simplicity of them!

  6. Great work Star&K... adorable new banners!!!

  7. Lookin' good!

    Very nice of Renate to help out

  8. Some small changes makes a big different.
    Great work.