Thursday 11 February 2010

Our Creative Space...

Turkish women are amazing with their handicrafts. Crochetting, tatting, needle lace, embroidery etc. We love to use bits and pieces of their work, especially oya.

We have been making textile cuffs lately, with vintage handwork and more treasures, the first two pictures are one in the make, the fun part: matching goodies together.

The first two results are here, more to come very soon...

You can see more workspaces at Kootoyoo's blog!


  1. These look amazing! so many delicate layers

  2. beautiful cuffs! I love collages, and these cuffs are collages indeed!

  3. That is just awesome! I love all the details and textures and it's so my taste! I will have to visit the blog you mentioned.
    Just lovely!
    Linda :)

  4. Wow--that last cuff has me staring in lust--incredible!

  5. Oh the matching together bit would be so much fun. They look great, so delicate.

  6. Love all your new work. So pretty and whimsical. Like the pic of the little fish in the "net". :)
    You are such amazingly creative ladies!

  7. Wonderful work star..!!!! bravo!