Friday 10 September 2010

My Friday Night Outfit

Art Necklace Lady with Poppies original oil painting in Art Nouveau Sterling silver frame by NancyvdBoom
Curiosity Bag- Cotton, Leather and Vintage Key by StarBags
Handmade nunofelt merino wool poppy wrap by ingermaaike
Leather 70s Vintage Patchwork Colorful Pumps Shoes by SassySisterVintage

Can't believe it is Friday already!
Some Poppy love this week, colorful and different.
Wishing you a great weekend ahead!


  1. I could see you in this outfit wearing my necklace (and the other items ;-) ! )
    I hope your Friday evening will be as nice as your outfit Estella!

  2. Love this outfit - inger's wrap is amazing!

  3. Right now I could wear 2 of these 4 items!
    My own necklace and I am the lucky girl with the Inger Poppy-wrap!
    With the shoes and bag it would be great!

  4. Perfect match of colors,
    looks Beautiful!!

  5. Star, your bag here is just gorgeous! You really amaze me with your ever changing and fresh designs.
    hugs from emily xo