Thursday 4 August 2011

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This week we have been having alot of frustration with our sewing machine. It is not even 2 years old and costed a small fortune so that makes it even more frustrating.

I called the dealer and explained the problem, I didn't want it to sent it to him as it was just back from the service, with his help I fixed it (luckely I have years of machine repair experience from our old sewing machine).

Anyway we are still not happy with its performans and are thinking about changing it with another model, as the fun goes away when you are constantly breaking needles and fighting the machine in general. Anyone happy with a Bernina machine and could give us advice about which model would be good?

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  1. My 'Pfaff' is older than me ... over 50 and still works perfectly but is incredibly heavy.

  2. yep I know this problem.... I just brought my machine away to the dealer :(

  3. I only have Pfaff machines and I never had any trouble with them (fingers crossed)

  4. Hi Estella,
    I had nothing but problems with my Bernina,2 new motherboards, oil leaks,several repairs...the first ones when it was under now just sits in a corner. I bought a basic Elna 3210 which after 7 years has had just one service and has never jammed or had a broken needle and it has been used every day...I love will go through anything without a single complaint! I have another Elna which is the basic electronic with some fancy stitches etc. it quilts and has the sideways needle setting and again I have never had any problems at all. Neither of these machines were anywhere near the huge price of the Bernina, in fact you can get both for about half the price of the Bernina.Hope this helps...good luck Sue :)

  5. My mom has an Elna machine for over 40 years. I have an Elna for over 20 years. Both machines never had any service and are still in action.
    Now I bought a Bernina Serger but I haven't any experiences with that machine yet.

  6. Oh no! How can this happen to a Bernina! We have three of them. Quite old models, and they start to go to service every two or three years now. But that's okay. The youngest we have is around 20 years old now.
    We have been thinking about buying a new more fancy one, but maybe we should look for another brand then?
    Honestly, it was making me wondering about quality, when I saw that they make very cheap machines for beginners now.