Thursday, 1 September 2011

Our Creative Space...

As Estella told you last week, I am in a patchwork roll.
The accuquilt gadget is to blame, partially, since it makes a feast of the cutting part.

And I am determined to reduce our five ginormous baskets of scraps to one. Don't know if a life time is enough to manage that, but I try.

This time, cathedral window quilting combined with clever folding has resulted in one of the most beautiful bags that we have done to date!

It is now available in our bagshop!

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  1. That is gorgeous, but I hate to think how long it must have taken to make!!

  2. a beauty indeed ! Now I want an accuquilt too .....:)

  3. amazing!
    ...and comprises addictiveness, I guess!

  4. i cannot believe how gorgeous this is! it is the literal transition of rags to riches. bravo! on an amazing result♥♥♥♥


  5. Lovely bags Star! What a lot of works into it! Well done, I think you find your niche:)