Wednesday 26 September 2012

Escape to another World

It is Autumn now here, our Autumns here are hot at day time, and cool at night, leaves are not falling yet, that will happen in a month or two, but after a looong hot Summer, this weather is just perfect.
We went to the beach yetsterday to search for treasures. I also tried my newly arrived scuba camera mask, super fun.

Still figuring out how it works, but here are my first pictures with it.

Here we go...

Underwaters in Turkey are not like Australia, not very much to see, unless you go deep diving but here are some nice things I saw.

This incredible urchin has come from somewhere else, usually the urchins here have very short spines, you can see on the right the normal sized ones, much shorter spines. I have no idea what kind of urchin is under the spines. If you look carefully you'll see tiny cobalt blue fishes, who smartly found protection between the long spines.

I was surrounded by thousands of little fishes, once they discovered that I'm harmless they came curiously very close to me.

This sponge looks like an underwater castle, don't you think?

Another one of the long spined urchin, in all the years we have been here I never saw this kind before, I wonder where they came from.

And here are our treasures from the beach...

This creepy jaw must have been of a kind of fish I wouldn't want to come across while swimming, little scary teeth.

Lots of great driftwood to make boats and other home decor.

Big shells, when they are still alive the pointy part sticks in the sand and the mouth of the shell stays slightly open untill food gets into it. These must have not survived a storm.

And finally I found another piece of the dolphin skulls puzzle which started 4 weeks ago, a part of its jaw, which also shows better what it was. And some more vertebrae, which makes it now a total of 17, if you wonder how a dolphin's skeleton looks complete, see here.


  1. Oh wow! I love that coral castle! So many gorgeous finds from the sea, beautiful treasures :D

  2. So beautiful all the photos Estella!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, wow, wow. Absolutely wanderful photos and finds. The "little castle" and the fishes are so pretty.

  4. Gorgeous finds, Estella! And I really enjoyed your underwater pictures! Your new scuba camera mask looks like lots of fun! :)

  5. This mask camera looks great. Could you give us a link where we can also find it? I love taking photos underwater. But this seems super exciting!AriadnefromGreece!

  6. Great pictures and amazing finds! I wish I live somewhere near you ;)

  7. haha, that's a cool mask! :)

    I ove the skeleton bits, forever will be jealous about these...