Tuesday 16 October 2012

Searching for Cobalt

It is funny how many things we collect through our lifes. While getting inspired by this Cobalt blue bracelet I started to search for matching items and these were just a few. A beautiful vintage glass bottle, a piece of blue painted driftwood found on the beach, a bow for decorating packages, a fishing lure found on the beach, a blue pair of scissors with a blue ribbon, evil eyes, feathers of the Eurasian Jay soon to be made into earrings found in our garden, a pencil, a blue pincushion and funny enough even the thread was blue and a few more blue treasures. This kind of collections always intrigue me so I decided to make some too from time to time to get those creative juices flowing :)


  1. I love this type of collections. Have a look at QuercusDesign blog and on etsy she makes lovely photos of collections like that!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. A beautiful still life. This is one of few shades of blue which I like.