Saturday 22 March 2014

A Lovely Day...

We had a lovely day today, Spring has arrived early this year with already weather above the 25 degrees (77 F) we can already be outside in t-shirts enjoying a nice brunch.

We went to a place where everything is homemade and organic, yummy!

After filling our bellies we headed off to the beach, with a lucky start by seeing a ladybug, should be a good sign!

Sea urchins are cheeky little things, they do not like lovely sandy beaches but rather rocky rough seashores where it is hard to walk.

 The boats are still being patched up, but soon they'll all be ready for the Summer season, they pull them in the water with a rustic system, as can be seen below. I'm sure that everyone helps each other, as they are all pulled with men power, no fancy machinery.

Tea is a way of living here, not like the British with their tea time, in Turkey it is always tea time, here you see, sugar, tea, glasses and spoons; everything is ready. Because of the sunlight you can not see but the teapot is actually on some kind of stove, the wood you can see sticking out below was burning, and the tea was boiling.

On our way home a stop for vitamins, an abandoned patch with orange, lemon and tangerine trees. Free for picking, fresh from the trees.

Also some wild flower picking...

And the harvest of the day, lots of vitamin C :)

A big shell, which we find very rarely, so the ladybug did help! A nice bunch of sea urchins, which will need to be cleaned.

Some nice driftwood, shells, beach glass, starfishes and other treasures.

Stones 'drilled' by the waves, and a fishing net will make a nice home decor piece as soon as I know how exactly :)

We had a lovely day, hope you enjoyed it with us :)


  1. very cool :)
    and tomatoooooes!
    ha! green right now :D

  2. Very beautiful, sunny, yummy day and so many new supplies made by nature!!!!! Great!)

  3. What a splendid day you had! oh those fresh lemons and oranges!!!and what a wonderful sea treasure you collected :D Green with envy too!

  4. Wow! Envious of the little brunch you had. :)
    And so many lovely treasures you found! I'd take everything with me if I'd be walking there!