Monday 2 February 2015

Goodbye Daisy

Today our sweet crazy Daisy passed away. She was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, at the same time as Lily who passed away a few months ago. It is heart breaking that they have such a short life, luckily we have many doggies but the thought of loosing them is really hard for us.

Daisy was always a lonely wolf, not much contact with the other's and had a nick for finding strange places to nap, like closets, chair legs and corners, sometimes resulting for us to search her everywhere as she hid herself so well and did not come out when we called for her, she had a mind of her own but was very sweet and always smelt deliciously like vanilla.

The last picture was taken just two days ago, the last week she did not eat and slept most of the time her time had really come, Ideefix visited her on the couch for companionship and warmth.
Daisy, you will be missed...