Tuesday 5 May 2015

A Little Break

We have been two busy bees lately without any breaks. On Sunday we had our exhibition but as I had (and still have) the flu we did not go as I would have only been making everyone else ill while sneezing the place down :)

So we decided to make a 'real' Sunday out of it and had a lovely brunch outdoors and after that explored yet another unknown road leading to an unknown shore. The roads were too rough for our car so the last 2 miles we went on foot. We were welcomed by these lovely donkey's first.

And we came across dozens of turtles, I am not exaggerating! Every few meters their was another turtle, we were speculating that they maybe had a meeting on Monday as they all were going the same direction :)

In our area honey is a the income source for many, and we came across this funny rustic thing. I think there was a dead fish in it and a bunch of bees, but we have no idea what it was for.

And finally the shore! We did not see a single soul the entire day, what a luxury! At parts the shore was too narrow or non existing the walk but the weather was nice so we just walked bare-feet in the water. But the walk was worth it, we found beautiful driftwood and plenty of sea urchins and shells.

The way back was a bit tougher, with the weight of our treasures and walking uphills whith a terrible runny nose, but we made it and we had a great day :)