Thursday 28 July 2016

Cabinet of Curiosities

We have made some new small instant curiosities collections which will be slowly appear in our StarHomeStudio shop.
Some people might wonder what you are suppose to do with these...

They look very cool in old letterboxes, under glass domes and other kind of beautiful old cabinet of curiosities style displays.

Of most I have no idea what kind of animals these were, they just look very cool. All found naturally cleaned and sun bleached on the beach.

We are total beach hoarders, we collect so much; driftwood, sea urchins, seashells and lots of odd, stuff as you can see :)
What do you collect when you are at the beach?


  1. Holly Molly!! I totally LOVE your curiosities!! I love bones!!!

  2. Well, other than tiny seashells there's no much to collect on the Belgian beaches...and I hardly ever go anyway :(
    those bones look a bit like eel spines...

  3. It is interesting, I have never seen most of them. Great finds!

  4. Love the vintage shelf ! Look like it is an old post office shelf. Cool!

    1. It was actually a Hotel cabinet, for the keys and for notes. But with mobiles phones notes are usually not left anymore so this became outdated and ours :)

  5. curiosity cabinets are so fascinating!